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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WHAT have I done?!



I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I took him to the groomer because he was getting horrible dreads in his hair, so I told them to cut him down. When I went to pick him up they tried to hand him to me. I refused. I wasn't about to touch that field rat.

Now he's embarrassed...

He's depressed...

He lives in fear of the bathtub...

But most of all he is just pissed...


  1. Hahaha oh man, I love it! I remember when that happened to Nani. Her hair was so long and matted that we knew she was basically going to be bald when we picked her up, but it was still a shock to the system. And what's worse, we did that a couple of days before we moved up to NY in the dead of winter. Poor girl had no ears. Recently, we had to have her ears shaved again because they were so matted. Her head is all fluffy and it really makes it look like she has no ears at all. Teddy will snap out of it soon. My mom has a poodle mix and she is always very depressed and embarrassed after her haircuts (my mom keeps her short). I always get a good laugh out of it!

  2. AH! I love it!! That is so funny - your doggie's expressions are hilarious!!

  3. oh no. my precious teddy.. poor thing. good news. hair grows :) thats what i always have to remind myself of when i get a bad haircut.. at least it will grow out!

  4. hahahahahahahah!!!!! poor HIMMIES!! !

  5. awww teddy! it'll grow back :) Ha! I know it's funny b/c I get embarrassed when Bailey starts looking tooo shabby - sometimes I don't notice, until people come over & then I realize Im a horrible mother! BUT on the other hand when they cut them tooo short, it makes them a little harder to love for a few days! ha ha thats mean!