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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Come to me...

I walked outside this morning to take the dogs out and I had to contain myself when I felt the temperature. It was PERFECT!! Cold, cool, breezy...AMAZING!

I tried wishing summer away all season long, and it has finally worked! I'm sure it won't last even until lunch time, but just the tease is enough for me...for now.

I love everything about fall, as pretty much everyone does, but here are some of the reasons why...

First of all, there is nothing more beautiful than to come home and see your entire yard, house, car and trees covered with red, orange and yellow fall leaves.

Second, there is nothing better than the smell of fallish scents like homemade cinammon and orange potpourri. My mom always used to make this with bay leaves and cloves and simmer it on the stove all day. The whole house smelled like Heaven.

Bath and Body Works always does good seasonal scents, and I always buy them :) Last year the Pumpkin Spice was my favorite, but I think I'll be trying this one this year...

and I'll be plugging this in...

and I'll be heading to the orchard to pick myself up some pumpkins...

I'll also be trying this Paula Dean Beef Stew recipe because what's better than this on a freezing day?!


We'll also be heading up to Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock, NC to pick apples. It used to be a hidden gem that no one knew about and we would go almost every year, but this past year apparently the whole world found out about it. Sad, but I'll still be excited to go!

And last, but CERTAINLY not least...I cannot wait to watch Alabama Football! I'll be honest, I'm not a die hard fan like others out there, but I love the experience of everyone gathering, eating and cheering on the Tide. I loved my years in Tuscaloosa so it brings back good memories!

Happy (almost) Fall everyone!


  1. gosh dont you just LOVE fall :) HOwever, must to our suprise (not) today ended up being extremely hot ...again...ugh-go away summer! Ha! That's horrible, but summer is not as fun when you have to work and don't get to enjoy it everday at the pool or beach!
    Anyways- I guess since you married a gamecock you'll have to be pulling them on tonight --- boo!!
    Im dying to try that body wash now!
    Don't forget pumpkin spice lattes! You have to love those, right??
    Doesn't everyone?
    PS- I got my pumpkins & decor at pier one! However, they are cuter in person!! :) ha!!!

  2. this post makes me squirm with excitement! I cannot WAITTTTTTTT!!! i got febreeze air freshner yesterday called "pumpkin spice & fall" and its like... 3/4 of the way gone. i have to get a wallflower!! loveyou!