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Friday, September 3, 2010

Change of Plans

Well, up until yesterday it looked like we were heading to the lake for a big Labor Day weekend, but Blake has been wanting to go camping all summer, and he starts his job next week so we figured we could get in one last big trip!

So...we've decided to go up to the mountains (with Brent and Nikki) and have a fun, adventurous weekend! I'm so excited!

When we wake up tomorrow morning we are going to drive up to the river and float down these tubes. I'll be sure to take pictures.

Then, we will head to the camp site after that. Now I'll go ahead and be honest...I'd be perfectly content staying in one of these campers where there is air conditioning, no bugs and a mattress...

Especially seeing how last time we went I didn't sleep A WINK and was FREEZING the entire night, but I've decided to buck up and give it another try! :)

Besides...what can go wrong?!


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  1. you are more brave than me! at least it shouldn't be toooo cold. :) Have fun!