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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm slightly embarrassed to show you the following pictures...

I hate when girls are whiny, especially about outdoorsy things...I promise I did not ask for any special treatment on this trip. My husband is just this sweet to lug all of this crap out into the woods so that I could be comfortable! :) Oh...and Nikki too!

Yes, those are tiki torches...and no, I did not ask for them. He just thinks of everything!

Here's what I mean...

This was only half of our stuff...HALF!

And here is the special treatment I'm talking about...

Yes, he lugged a blow up mattress out there...and it was AMAZING!! We both were ranting and raving that it was the best sleep we've ever gotten! Thanks, hunnie!!

Our humble abode..

After setting up our bedroom tent we started the fun stuff

We may have eaten a few splinters, but no biggy.

The next morning, as we were raving about how good our sleep was, I got kicked out and replaced...

Brent got no sleep on that hard ground without a mat, so even if it was special treatment-I'll be special treating myself from here on out! :)

And the best part about camping?

Waking up the next morning and leaving...just look how beautiful! ;)

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