"Love talked about can be easily pushed aside, but love demonstrated is irresistable"-W Stanley Mooneyham

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Forgive the awkward size/position of the picture above! I can never figure how to position my picture correctly...throw out any helpful hints if you know any!! :)

I'll be heading to Nashville in the morning for the Notebaert/Williams wedding and to meet my best friend Audrey and her husband Scott up there for an exciting weekend!! I'll be sure to document along the way, and give you a great update as soon as I get back!

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Afternoon Snack

I'm counting down the minutes until I get off work so I can go enjoy this...

Some people like a glass of wine to come home to...I like my edamame :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

A fun weekend adventure!

Last week I got a message from Patrick Cox (remember his name from this post) asking if I knew of any models who might want to do a shoot this past weekend. I contemplated lying and telling him I was one, or just tell him the truth and say I didn't know any real ones, and beg offer myself as a very NON-model.

Honesty is always the best policy.

He let me come! I was seriously ELATED to do this. I love things like this!

When we talked about the details he told me to bring fallish clothes. I didn't want to scare him so I went very safe on my choices. Nothing too flashy, nothing too bold...mainly just BORING. I wanted to spread my stylist wings, but I wanted him to not think he made a terrible decision by letting me come!

That was until we got 20 minutes down the road to Greenville, and I was re-reading our message thread to make sure I didn't miss any details...oh I missed one alright...a BIG one!!

"BLAKE!!!! TURN AROUND!! We have to go back immediately!!!" After his heart returned to a normal beat, he asked me why we needed to go back? "I missed the most important message!! How could I have missed this?!"

The message was something along the lines of "Bring fun, Editorial/Magazine-like clothes"

After calmly asking if I was suuuuure I needed to go back, and me responding with a "Well, it's either we turn around and go get my stuff or we're going straight to the mall as soon as we pull into Greenville, missing my little brother's 11th birthday party and risking my Dad killing us both...YES I'M SURE!!" He calmly and patiently turned the car around, and reminded me why I married him...I promised myself I will return the favor one day when he forgets something. He's so precious.

I wish I would have had a video of the moment we pulled into our driveway...I ran into that house so fast, grabbed anything that had fur, feathers or sparkled, and came out to the car, dropping a piece of clothing each step I took, with my hands completely filled. I believe Blake's exact words were, "What the hellllll did you just do?!" probably imagining the disaster I had just left behind in the house for us to come home to.

That night...after we made it to my little brother's birthday and my dad did not kill us...Nikki came over to spend the night with me at Blake's. The boys left for the weekend to go camping, which left a house full of girls...and Greg (My FIL). We threw all of the clothes in the living room, made Greg leave the house and tried to decide which outfits to bring the next day. I've honestly never had more fun trying on clothes in my life! Sharon had four boys and no girls, so it made it SO much fun for us to all be together and pick the clothes out together! For 3 hours we laughed harder than ever, grabbed accessories left and right and tried to cram our feet into shoes that wouldn't fit.

Her living room that started like this...

Quickly turned into this...

There were clothes EVERYWHERE.

We finally got organized and put our outfits together

Here are a few that we chose...

By the time we were done we were all exhausted...including Mother Marry Teddy, but we were so excited to get up and go early the next morning!

The drive up to the mountains was about an hour and a half so we followed the guys up there for the first 30 minutes, and then jumped in their car for the hour it took to go off-roading up the mountain. I'm not sure if the shoot or the ride was more fun!

When we got there we primped...

We posed...

We had the absolute BEST time with the guys that came...

and we enjoyed the most GORGEOUS day ever!

Here is a link to a couple of the pictures. ps-the "props" were for a shoot for Leica cameras that the company asked him to do...so much fun!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

You try and tell me he's not a real person...

Blake sneaked these pictures last night as I was doing the dishes and I laughed so hard...

Sometimes I like to pretend he's my baby Ayers...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

She did it again...

My sister did it again...

She sent me all kinds of samples from her much better than my Columbia malls mall!! I'm starting to feel like a beauty editor at a fancy magazine...you know the girls who get all the fun samples and get to tell you which products are the best...except I don't have the pressure. Just the pleasure! :)

Anywho, I got a call from a man with a fancy accent yesterday asking if he could peek through my window...My sudden thoughts were what the hell?!! Why did I go with that blog name?!?...CREEPSTER! "Umm...sure?" and then he told me he was the Giorgio Armani beauty consultant at Neiman Marcus, and I was instantly relieved. I told him he could go peeking through my window anytime he wanted now that I knew he wasn't a freak! He was so sweet and told me how to use each beauty product. I'm especially excited to use the Sheer Primer...he told me that's what the celebrities use when they go on the red carpet, and let's be honest...you don't have to go any further than that with me.

I'm not sure what my sister does to these people, but apparently she puts a spell on them to give the good stuff.

I'll let you know how I like everything...I'm saving them for a special occasion so I don't waste them.

Among all of these samples, however, was a hidden gem...a little tiny bottle of this Bond no 9 en Rose perfume that smells A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

AMAZING!!! I want it to last FOREVER!

Thank you my sweet sister!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tis the Season...

For Christmas Cards!!

Now...before you go thinking I'm on top of the ball...


I've NEVER done Christmas cards. I've never even got passed the "Oh I'd love to do a Christmas card" stage, but this year I've changed. I've become a new woman. I put out holiday scented candles, and seasonal candy. I contemplated going to a Halloween party and actually dressing up...(ok, I didn't go that far), but I'm determined to milk these holidays for all they're worth.

And on Saturday when I stepped foot into Costco, these were calling my name from aisle 9.

Have you ever seen anything cuter?!

They're all hand done, and they are all different...which means I can customize who gets what! :)

And the best part? They were only $15.97! That's 27 cards for around $0.60 a piece! Amazing...I was so happy! (And they look much cuter in person...bad lighting last night at midnight). So instead of getting a cute picture card done (which was my first choice), I decided I'll just put a picture of our little family in their since it was such a good deal. :)

Oh the elves...I love the elves!

Christmas Delight...

I have lots of favorites...

After all...


Monday, October 18, 2010

Wedding Weekend in Charleston

I LOVE weddings.

I love the ceremony, I love the reception, I love it all! I was so happy to make the trip to see precious Megan Hensley get married in Charleston this past weekend, and it was such a beautiful wedding! She was absolutely gorgeous!

I absolutely loved her flowers, and especially all of the woodsy touches...

The food was seriously AMAZING! Probably the best food I've ever had at a wedding...SO good!

and of course I loved the Southern touch...

I'm always happy when I'm with these two ladies! :)

And I loved seeing two of my favorite girls, Christi and Allison!!

The best part of weddings? The unexpected dancer...have you ever seen anything more precious in your life?!! I think I heard she was 92? Something like that...

Blake couldn't help himself...he loved her instantly!

We all had so much fun!

This many people on the dance floor is always a sign of a good time...

After the fun night we finally made it to the hotel...

And then left early in the morning! Does this picture on the bridge make you dizzy? It made me dizzy...

Don't worry, Blake didn't notice :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Groupon...the most amazing thing ever

Have you heard of Groupon yet? I'm sure you have, but if you haven't, go sign up immediately here. You can thank me (or get angry at me for spending all your money) later!

It looks something like this...

Every morning I get up and head straight to my email to see which deal is on. Here is how it works...Each day they feature a new coupon for a restaurant, spa or tourist attraction in your area for 50-90%. You can sign up to receive daily updates for your cities, but the offer only lasts for 24 hours so if you want it, you have to buy it that day.

As of today there is one in Columbia, Greenville (Coming soon!), Birmingham, Atlanta, Nashville, Houston, New York, Miami, L.A., ect...So even if you're going on a trip and need ideas of places to go it's a great thing to use.

Groupon has only been active in Columbia for a little over a week, and here are the two I've already bought...

A $70 gift card to Soak Nail Spa for a Manicure and Spa Pedicure for $35 (We have a wedding coming up, so it was my excuse...ha!)

And then a $40 gift card to Conrad's Restaurant in Columbia for $15!! The best part...if you refer friends you also get a $10 credit when they buy a groupon, so I actually got this $40 gift card for $5!!! I'm going to surprise Blake and take him on a date tonight because it's Jazz Night. :)

If Groupon is not in your city yet you can also request that they start, however, most of the major cities are on there so go check it out!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My (not so grown up) Christmas Wish List


(Just kidding...)

Well, sort of...

Heeeeeeere is my Christmas Wish List!

I've been in the Christmas spirit since July, but I feel like it is only now semi-acceptable to actually talk about it on my blog. I always get to the end of September and think...wow, there really is nothing I need or even want at this point...(which is the truth...)

And then October hits...

and I start to think of all kinds of things I want! I promise I think about the giving part too...I actually do love giving more than I do getting, but I'm not going to lie, people-I don't mind when my parents ask me what it is that I might want this year! :)

Unfortunately for them, I've come up with BIG things I want this year...BIGGGG things. I do not expect these things by any means, but Mom and Dad if you're feeling extra generous this year, by all means, feel free to get whatever you see for me on this post! It's not called a "Wish List" for nothing...I can dream, right?!

FIRST...and most coveted important...

The Canon 50d Camera.

I've been wanting this camera for years now...YEARS. Love it, love everything about it, love to take your picture through it...yes, I want it.

SECOND...since I wouldn't know what to do with it after I received it, I'd like private lessons from my favorite photographer in Greenville, Patrick Cox. He did my wedding pictures and I melted when I saw them...it was love at first sight. I was on facebook the other day and saw a status update from him that said, "Now giving private lessons!" I couldn't copy, paste and email that link to my dad fast enough with the heading, "WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!" (Mind you...I don't have that camera above...ha!) Here's the link if you want to put it on your wish list too!

Here is a picture of his studio that I copied from his blog

THIRD...Coffee Table Books.

I LOVE coffee table books...they make me happy. They're like LARGE magazines...and you know my love for magazines.

FOURTH...This Perfume by Dolce and Gabbana. It's their new scent and it's amazing!

FIFTH: Jewels...THESE jewels...

These earings that I found on Shopbop made by Gorjana for $50.

This necklace (from Shopbop) made by Gorjana for $99.40

These earings (on Shopbop) made by Melinda Maria for $265 (DREAMING, people...just dreaming-I promise!!)

This necklace (on Shopbop) made by Tuleste Market for $145

SIXTH: These Clothes.

This Sweater (on Shopbop...can you see a trend?! Maybe I should just ask for a gift card!) made by Juicy Courture for $198

This Shirt (on Shopbop) made by Gemma for $106

This Shirt (on Shopbop) made by Elizabeth and James for $TOO MUCH for this kind of shirt!! (but I still love it!)

And finally...These boots (on Shopbop) made by Report Signature for $395

There you have it...my superficial Wish list! :)