"Love talked about can be easily pushed aside, but love demonstrated is irresistable"-W Stanley Mooneyham

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Diva has landed...

And look how much baggage she brought. And she's staying for four days.

But I have a better story than that...

I wish I could paint the picture for you of what actually happened when she stepped off the plane...

I parked the car, walked up to the gate and spotted her coming down the escalator. I waved obnoxiously, squeeled and yelled "hurry hurry!!" She waved obnoxiously back, yelled "I'm comin'!!" and started to increase her walk to a light jog towards me.

I can only hope what happened after this was caught on a security tape...

As she got about 10 feet from me she started to lose her balance. Don't worry she regained her composure...annnnnnd Oh Wait!! (insert LOUD crashing sound)...

There was my mom...stomach to floor of the airport floor. I'm talking her hands were fully extended in front of her...it was as if she had just slid into home plate-full form.

I immediately fell to the ground laughing. There we sat on the floor of the airport DYING laughing, and she looked at me and said..."Well, the Diva has definitely landed!"

Now we're laying in bed...crying laughing all over again, and she's taking pain medicine that's probably never been FDA approved...

And the weekend begins...


  1. I am dying laughing just imagining the whole picture!!! I love it! You girls have a great weekend!!!

  2. TOOO FUNNY:) TOoo too funny! Well, I hope Mrs. Janet gets to feeling better & ya'll have a wonderful time together!! =)
    P.S.- I love the comment "taking pain medicine that has not been FDA approved!" LOL

  3. I literally could not stop laughing while reading this. I'm just sad that I missed the whole thing and that I am missing out on being with both of you:( I love y'all! Have SO much fun together!!

  4. Hilarious! And I love the perfectly manicured hands showing the meds :) Have a great visit!!!

  5. Megan, I have always loved your blog because it is so entertaining and makes me laugh. I double love the blog's about Janet. God blessed me with a dear friend and her with amazing children. Y'all have fun!