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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A $5 (Closet) Face Lift

This is my husband's closet.

A little closer...don't you kind of just want to pull all of those bags and clothes off those shelves?!

Me too...

but here was my bigger problem...

Mismatched hangers (and plastic dry cleaning bags!!). Specifically WIRE hangers. I hate them. They make me mad. I want them gone forever. Especially when I try to put a heavy coat on one and it crumbles like a saltine cracker...not good.

So here my loves is your $5 fix!

All black (or whatever color you like best!) plastic hangers. I found mine on clearance at Target...$1.49 for a pack of 20

See the difference?!

After you're done changing the hangers out, face all the clothes in the same direction (the more uniform your closet is, the more it will feel like you're shopping in a store! Hence, the happier it will make you :) )

Then color coordinate...

I feel better already.

So here's the recap, Sara Walker style.

Take your closet from this...

to this...

For around $5! You can't beat that. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. oh my gosh. i HATE wire hangers, too!!! Gatlin does a good job of keeping his pretty organized, so i don't touch it. he can deal with the crappy wire hangers, but not me! what a sweet wife you are!