"Love talked about can be easily pushed aside, but love demonstrated is irresistable"-W Stanley Mooneyham

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our fun news!

Apparently I should have clarified yesterday before my phone/email/facebook blew up asking me, "ARE YOU PREGNANT?!?!!"

That would be a...


I don't think that will be happening for a few years so any "fun news" I have will most likely be regarding paint colors, fixtures, carpets, ect. :)

And that would be because yesterday we signed a contract to buy this little thing...

I am SO excited about it! Blake and I have completely different tastes in houses...I wanted the newer house, smaller yard, close knit neighborhood...he wanted the old soul house with the big yard, and I think we came to a perfect compromise.

I do have to give the credit to Brittney's mom, Tracy for finding this for us though...she was amazing!

Once we started looking into buying/building/leasing we just couldn't come to a decision about it, but the more I looked at "Blake's kind of houses" I completely agreed with him...I love the older houses!

So here is one of my favorite things about the house...where we will hopefully be having lots of parties!

And thankfully, the dogs will have lots of room to move!

As soon as we walked in I felt like I was home...

The kitchen!

The Master bedroom...

And my first order of business as long as everything goes smoothly...


I can't wait to trasform the space because in person it has so many great characteristics!

So...there you have it! As long as the whole process goes as planned we should be closing on June 3rd. I'll keep you updated!

Happy Wednesday!

Off to work for me...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hello all!

Once again I've missed you these last few days, but I am so loving my new job in Greenville and just being here in general! I have some very exciting news, but you'll have to wait for my next blog to find out what I'm talking about ;)

Sunday we had a wonderful Easter, and because my Mother-in-law has an amazing camera, we took advantage...

I realize Blake looks miserable in this picture, but don't let him fool you...he was happy!

I love holidays because Blake's two cousins, Jennifer and Natalie both have sets of twins so there were precious little angels everywhere!

And whenever I see Blake with little babies it melts my heart...

of course the boys were drawn to this little beauty...

and my favorite picture of the whole day!

And my other favorite...

I'll be back soon with my fun news!! And hopefully some more updates :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm Coming Home...

I went into hiding.

Forgive me?!

Thank you "Anonymous" for asking "uh are you alive?" in my last post...

I'm happy to report that I am in fact alive, and even more happy to report that...

WE'RE MOVING TO THIS PLACE (left hand side...)

(hence the long hiatus of posts considering my head was completely overtaken with life)

That would be GREENVILLE!!!!!!

You have no idea how happy I am!

I've recently had dreams of going to the farmers market, going to my favorite restaurants, turning the radio to stations I actually know, going to my "home" church, hanging out with my best friends, taking in the view of the mountains...breathing a big sigh of relief again that I am in fact...

Coming Home.

Is that P Diddy song playing in your ear yet?

Mine too.

So you may be asking why we're moving?


And I am so stinking excited about starting it! I'll be working at an advertising agency, and I feel like I instantly connected with the people I'll be working for...they were amazing!

The next few weeks my posts may be a bit scarce, but I'll do my absolute best to keep you updated...

Right now we're on the house hunt so I'll let you know if we have any luck...

I've missed you all!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Did anyone else watch??

Oh man...I was skeptical it may be super cheesy, but I think it may be my new favorite show!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stylish Blogger award!

Well, I've never done this before, but one of my favorite bloggers Whitney from The Meade Feed nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award!

Thank you so much Whitney!! I absolutely LOVE reading YOUR blog...if you haven't started reading her blog go do so now! :)

I laughed so hard when I read this quote on Whitney's post about this...

"Kathryn said it best that blogging awards are cheesy. True that. But hey, I’m rolling with it."

Well Whitney, I'm rolling with it too...

Here are the rules!

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

So here are my 7 things:

1. I've never dyed or colored my hair, and I dread the day I have to ($$$$$)

2. I think high school was 100% more fun than college...call me crazy, but we had the absolute best times in high school.

3. I didn't really like animals until Teddy stole my heart...now my heart has grown for ALL animals!

4. I never moisturize anything but my face...it's a bad habit that I need to kick.

5. I haven't had anything to drink other than water since 5th grade...(other than an occasional champagne and pomegranatite martini of course!) Not because I'm trying to be healthy...I hate anything else!

6. I met John Mayer on the streets of NYC one night after I got off of work at Bloomingdale's in Soho...it took me 5 minutes to go up to him and ask him for a picture. He was the nicest guy ever and we talked for a good 5-10 minutes! Ever since then I've had a crush on him (don't worry...my husband is WELL aware!) hahaha

7. I always knew I'd marry a scruffy mountain man. This was my only "type" even though I dated outside this box, I knew I'd come back to it...

And here are my nominees...all of you people on my "Blog List" to the right...I CAN'T CHOOSE!!!

But I'll try...Erin, Kristin, Brittani, Megan, Brittney, Kendall, Jami, Blair, Ann, Laurie, Jamie, Jennifer, Sara, Natalie, Whitney and Holly!

Monday, April 4, 2011

An Apology/Update, A pedicure and another family hike!

FIRST of all...

I'm so sorry I've gone a whole WEEK without blogging!! Are you still out there?!

We've had some major things come up lately that we're trying to figure out, so my mind has been all over the place! Nothing bad, don't worry :) And I'll let you know as soon as I can what I'm talking about!

So I spent the weekend in Greenville by myself because Blake is working the Master's. He does it every year, and he loves it. I figured since I had a couple of days to myself I would take advantage.

And by advantage I mean go get a pedicure...

When I saw this color I thought maybe it could do the trick for me...

But after trying it out...along with three other colors, I nixed it for "Modern Girl" (Second from right)

Saturday morning we headed to Issaqueena Falls for a little family hike. When I get around my little brothers I think it's ok to act like a kid. I was hungry so I told dad he had to stop for a snack run before I hiked this mountain...

Apparently I wasn't the only one who was hungry...and clearly we all love Pringles! :)

I love doing things with my family, and my little brothers make everything so fun. The older one, Austin kept saying, "Hey Meg, you ok? You need help? Here...grab my hand"...sweetest kid ever!

It wasn't a long hike, but geez louise it was STEEP! Good thing the view was worth it!

This was my, "I'm done now, Dad" picture...

After the hike we headed to the cave/tunnel.

It was a little dark for my liking so I kept taking pictures so that I could see where I was going...Thank goodness for flashes!


Finally we made it to the back of the tunnel (with my dad's girlfriend, Rebecca)! We were quite proud of ourselves...

And one with Dad...a little happier now

I was dead meat by the end of it, but clearly Hunter and Austin still had plenty of energy...

We stopped here when we were done to reward ourselves for such a hard workout...

And then I went into a milkshake coma...

My youngest brother said, "Hey Meg, you look tired...go ahead and lay your head on my shoulder if you want to..."

And that's exactly what I did.