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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cashiers Part One

For our long holiday weekend we tried to take full advantage of our time. So Blake, Brent (his twin), Nikki (Brent's girlfriend) and I all headed up to Cashiers, NC for some Megan and Nikki time (which consisted of roaming an art festival) and then Blake and Brent time (which consisted of camping...more on that to come in the next post).

The boys told us we could pick whatever we wanted to do since they were dragging us camping that night so we told them we wanted to go shop around. Fortunately for us we found a gem when we stumbled across this festival that they hold twice a year.

I had so much fun! My sweet hubby let me enjoy the whole festival, and even started enjoying it himself...

When we found these odd people at the festival I started to wonder what they were thinking, but then I found out they were dentists dressed up like tooth fairies giving out free clinics. So sweet!

Brave, confident men, eh?

Thanks to me husband and brother-in-law for letting us go for so long!

And thank you to my sweet Nikki for buying me this piece that I was eyeing! I can't wait to put my jewelry in it!

All of that shopping made us work up an appetite so we headed here...

And it was so good (AND CHEAP!) The boys got the regular pork bar-b-que, but Nikki and I got this, and even the boys agreed that ours was much better than theirs (sorry Vegetarians...don't look)

We had planned on going tubing down the river after lunch. We started driving and what was supposed to be a 15 minute trip up the road turned out to be an hour long trip up, and apparently we still would have had to drive an extra 30 minutes so we decided not to do it. We were afraid we wouldn't be able to get everything in before going camping that night, but at least we enjoyed the view from the car...

And because we weren't full from our lunch (???) we decided to go here instead!

And I got this sweet treat...

we were all very happy

because of these...

and the boys were entertained by this game

After our stop to Sweet Treats we made the trip back to the lake house to pack up our camping stuff and head out. Let me just say that I am an amateur camper and I always will be. My husband knows this so he brought everything in the world to make it a comfortable night.

Poor Teddy was even squished in the car because of all of our camping gear (minus the two hanging shirts...I promise I'm not that high maintenance)

Stay tuned for more on that! :)


  1. Love it! Ya'll have too much fun. I think the Houstons are going to start tagging along on your trips! Im jealous :)
    btw-where do you get all of your big shirts? I LOVE them!

  2. Oh my gosh, PLEASE come!! We would absolutely love it!!! I got the one I had on in this post at Gap for $5 on clearance! I always just buy a Large because I love big shirts. I've gotten others at Victoria's Secret, JCrew, Old Navy and Target...hope that helps! :)

  3. first off-wish you lived here! Reading all your blogs makes me realize how much we'd have in common :) we would have too much fun.
    Thanks for the shirt tip. lol you are tooo good :) I went and bought a few large shirts, but they probably wont look as cute on me as they do you :) i need more easy.simply. fashion tips. LOL & I really love the shirts b/c you can rock them even when your having a "fat kid" day :) Ha! (Which you never do) LOVE Ya.