"Love talked about can be easily pushed aside, but love demonstrated is irresistable"-W Stanley Mooneyham

Monday, September 27, 2010

Come back, Mom!!

Depression has set it...my mom has left me to go to Miami to be with my sister.

I cried dropping her off at the airport this morning (of course). I listened to Kenny G Christmas on my way to work to wollow in my depression.

As she walked into the airport I thought, "Don't go! I'm not old enough to stay by myself!" and then I realized I'm married, I'm 24 and yes...I am old enough.

There's something so special about having your mom come stay with you. She reminds me of who I am. She sets me straight, but most importantly she encourages me to be a stronger woman every day. I love my mom and I miss her like crazy already!

I also love when she comes because she treats me to special things! :) I've been extremely spoiled lately...I know I need to get my thoughts back to reality, but here are some of the fun things she got me this weekend...

I would never be able to explain to Blake why I bought this

so Mom surprised me and got me fancy mascara!

And these...

because everyone knows magazines are my guilty pleasure...especially from other countries.

And then she brought me these back from New Zealand which smell SO GOOD!

And then this because it's my favorite stuff ever...

And finally these!! Which I'm so excited about!!!

She also helped me get Blake's office together and spruce it up...I'm LOVING it now! I will post pictures after this week when he gets home! I told him not to look at my blog in case I decided to post pictures, but I don't trust him not to...STOP READING BLAKE!! :)

We also made a trip to Greenville and had so much fun staying with my precious mother-in-law who also spoiled us! I am a very blessed woman!

Finally, Saturday we scheduled a girls' lunch at Brick Street Cafe with all of mom's best friends...and my best friend, Meg too! We had the BEST time! I feel like all of these ladies are my mothers so it was so much fun to be with them!

And don't worry, we didn't leave without our dessert!


  1. Do I spot Marg Mccanless? anyways there definitely is something special about being w/ mom. Even though I live close to mine, when we go on vacation and im w/ her 24/7 it's hard to leave! I start to wish I was little again & it is so nice being spoiled again by them! :) ha!

  2. love the new shirt on! and i'm so jealous you and meggie got to hang out! both my favorite megs in one place