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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years and a dress up party in Rosenthal's...

Our New Years was quite uneventful, and in my eyes...perfection.

I was so excited to not have to dress up and head downtown this year-maybe next year I'll be up for it, but after all the craziness of the holidays I was perfectly content to sit at the lake and watch this as we waited for the new year to usher in...

Finally about 5 minutes before midnight the boys switched the channel from ESPN to this...


We had a fun little celebration, and shortly after I hit the bed :)

The next morning we woke up, and wanted to head to see our pottery in Highlands. Remember this post? They had just closed for the day so that they could make it in time to watch the Alabama game, but they let us sneak in for a second.

We decided to stroll along the streets to see if any other stores might be open, and thank Heavens we did!! This window was speaking my language so we walked in to check the store out...

Rosenthal's...my new favorite store!

And this sure didn't hurt...

We weren't supposed to take pictures in the store, but the sweet ladies of Rosenthal's turned their heads when I pulled my camera out.

For the next hour and a half we had a dress up party to ourselves...Nikki found this bag...

And I found this one...

We wore them around the store the entire time in hopes they would magically become ours.

We found some not so pretty things too that Nikki happily modeled for me...

We went running through the store trying on everything and anything! I seriously felt like it was a scene straight out of a movie. I don't think I've ever had so much fun in my entire life...

I mean, seriously...please look at Tina Turner Nikki. I almost died...every time I pull this picture up it makes me laugh. She wore it for a good 5 minutes in all seriousness.

I've never seen so many GORGEOUS fur coats in my entire life!! (Sorry PETA)

I tried a million of them on including this monster...

I wanted to take this one off the mannequin and try it on, but I thought that might be pushing my luck. The best part of this picture...when I was showing Blake he got to this one and said, "Gah, she is gorgeous!"...I said, "BLAKE! SHE'S A MANNEQUIN!!" He thought she was a real person...

The ladies of the store got in on the fun with us, and let us have the absolute BEST time in there! There were two of the leopard bags, and Nikki and I were dying to take them home, but they were only 50% off.

We left the store and decided it was just a little too much to pay, but when we got to the next store Sharon said, "Let's just go back in there and see if they'll take any more off." At first I was hesitant because that kind of scares me to ask...especially since they were so sweet, but then visions of leopard danced in my head and I booked it out that door and back into the door of Rosenthal's.

We walked around the store with both leopard bags on each of our shoulders for a good 20 minutes. One of the ladies said, "I'll give it to you for 60% off"...I still was hesitant though, only because I've been waiting on a dress in Greenville, and I couldn't do both the bag and the dress.

After about 15 more minutes I finally got the nerve up and walked up to her little desk. I whispered, "Is there ANY way you might be able to do it for 70% off?"

"Done...I can't tell you girls no!"-she said

Nikki and I literally jumped for joy...we were all laughing and dancing, and you would have thought we had just won the lottery...that's what it felt like!

Gosh, I love being a girl.

So we checked out with our bags and headed out the door...

I probably looked at mine 56 times on the car ride home. I was so excited! I called my precious sister on the way home and told her about the whole extravaganza...we were both dying on the phone!

I am so excited about my new purse I can hardly stand it!! And don't worry...I won't be going over the top with my leopard...or maybe I will? You never know... :)


  1. how fun! i love animal print.. so jealous! its fabulous! love you!

  2. oh my goshhhhhhhh!!!! i LOVE THAT BAG!!!! it was in there over Thanksgiving and I was like Mimiiiiii and she said "we shouldn't even be in this store" hahah! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!! what a fun post!

  3. You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!! I freaking LOVE that store and am dying that I was not there with you to get that special deal!! Everything in there is beautiful. Oh how fun Megan!!!!!!! :)

  4. How fun!!! What kind of bag is it? VERY pretty :)

  5. Thanks girls! It was a fun day!! :) Brittani, it's a Kate Spade bag. Love you all!!

  6. OMG looovvveeee it! I want some calf-hair leopard flats so bad right now. That bag is just too fabulous.

  7. This is so cute! <3 your new bag and I have a slight confession... I secretly kinda want the Tina Turner hat!

    Miss you!

    PS - do you use a curling iron on your hair? I want mine to curl like yours. So pretty!

  8. Meg, I think you and Nikki might be the only two people who could make that hat look gorgeous!! I think you need one! I miss you and I'm counting down the days until little bitty angel makes her arrival!! I know you have to be getting anxious! I actually curl my hair with my straightner...you do it a lot like you would a curling iron, but you kind of just have to play with it...it took me a while to get down!