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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Weekend Getaway Part Two

So I told you on the post before that Nikki, my Mother-in-law (I don't even like to call her that, she is way better and much closer to me than an "in-law" but just for those of you who don't know) and I all went to Highlands, NC on Saturday and spent the day shopping. First of all, if you've never been there...book your trip today! It is GORGEOUS!

The town's people sometimes have their noses stuck in the air, but if you just don't talk to anyone, you'll LOVE it! :)

Here are some of the cute little shops and streets...

And I love the churches in towns like this because they're so old and pretty

We mainly shopped for local pottery, but we always make an exception for these...

and when I see these it always makes me wish I had a good pot of homemade beef stew waiting on me in the kitchen on a fall day...

I even spotted my favorite hard to find line of baby products!

If you're going to a baby shower and need some fillers for a basket or just an extra gift the Noodle and Boo line is AMAZING! I have two children... (ok they're my sister's children, but when we're out in public I make her give me the rights to at least one of them so people will think they're mine) and my mom bought this for them...it's like the best smelling baby ever!

Nikki also accomplished finding where she wants to get married...

ok I'm lying...she loved the church and says she wants to get married there, but we weren't really looking for it quite yet, but it was so beautiful we let ourselves dream anyway...

I LOVE these two women more than life itself!

And here was the whole reason we came...

it may not look fancy from the outside, but they have some treasures inside let me just tell you! (They also have a rude lady inside who follows you around holding the back of your purse and asking you "are you ok to hold that bowl" like you're 7 years old...but who's remembering those sorts of things :) )

Seeing as some people were a little uptight in there *ahem*...I decided it might be best not to take pictures inside the store. So I took them outside!

The pottery is made my a local artist named Richie Watts, and there are probably 8-10 different patterns he does. My precious mother-in-law let Nikki and I pick out a pattern for Christmas!

Here were the two I chose since you can mix and match the patterns...(they're also the ones she chose for the lake house a couple of weeks ago so I was able to get pictures!)

This is the "Ginger" pattern

And the other is the Blue Bird pattern (I think that was the name...)

The pictures don't do it justice, but it is BEAUTIFUL!

And then we also went to another local pottery place called "Twigs" and picked up a few baking dishes. This was the bowl I chose there...

You can bake in it (as long as you preheat the oven WITH the bowl inside), microwave it and put it in the dishwasher. I'm so excited to make some spinach dip and serve it in this!

So if you're ever up that way make sure you stop through the shops to look at all of the beautiful local art. You won't be disappointed! I was on Cloud 9 the whole time we were there. I came home and told Blake that next weekend I'm dragging him up there and I'm going to MAKE HIM LIKE IT! :)


  1. i love the new pottery!! how fun! and i love your new scarf. i want it!!!! but would have no use for it in guam. ugh. lovey.

  2. We're going there in October!! Wesley's grandmother has a house in Highlands and we go a couple of times every year! I love the spekled hen and also have the blue bird pattern!!! :) gosh were just so alike!