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Monday, January 24, 2011

My High and low of the weekend

My High:

Brent and Nikki came down and stayed with us this weekend, and Saturday night we had such a fun, long dinner together.

We are so blessed to have family that we love so much, and that we have the best time with! "If only we were in Greenville"...our famous line we probably overused this weekend, and every time we're together. We always joke that the four of us could live together...except I'm not joking.

Blake and Nikki have the absolute funniest relationship. I'm constantly laughing at them every time we're all together...it's like a show. The two of them are so much alike, and Brent and I tend to be more alike. I'm afraid Blake and Nikki may kill each other if we actually did live together, but as long as we had a little extra space I think we could make it work! :)

Anywho, back to the dinner...

Here was our not so fancy meal...

and what meal would be complete without Blake's Spicy Green Beans?

and a Rotisserie chicken that was amazing! (They have the best ones at The Fresh Market!)

and then there was pasta...but I forgot to take a picture.

The boys got out their knives razers and "cleaned the table" before setting it up...

and then we were ready to eat!

except for the fact that I had no napkins, paper towels or anything that resembled either one of these things except for little hand towels...

we all used ours in different ways.

Nikki actually used hers, Brent did the shirt tuck...

and I let Himmies use it as a pillow...

And then came my Low of the weekend...

I hate when they have to leave! It's always so sad to watch them go, but good thing we will all be reunited soon!


  1. SO- I finally found the spicy chilli garlic paste-- at the Farmers Market- and I told my boyfriend "this weekend we are getting a rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods and making those green beans!!" haha~ just had to share. I hope they turn out well- I'm a little nervous to make them!! I'll have to let you know!!

  2. Oh I'm so glad you found it, Jessica!! I love that you got a rotisserie chicken too! So fun!! You have to let me know how everything turned out or if you have any questions feel free to ask me!! Thanks for the comment!