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Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Look at her.

I would like to believe she has "Me" written all over her, but I don't think I can take any kind of credit for such a look...I couldn't decide whether to die laughing or squeeze the life out of her when she came out of her room dressed like Rachel Zoe. Kelly and I both decided "Janet would be so proud right now..." (That's my mom for those of you who don't know...remember her?)

But before we get to Birdie's arrival, I'll back up.

My precious husband loves playing golf. Like, he loooooves playing golf. Actually it doesn't even have to be golf...as long as he's outdoors he's a happy man. So when his brothers asked him to play with them Saturday, I just knew I was out of the picture!

Perhaps because he plays with them every time we come home he was feeling sorry for me...so he asked me if I wanted to do something with just him instead. My life lit up...I LOVE spending the day just the two of us! And especially when I get to call the shots! :) So we decided to go grab coffee downtown, do some Christmas shopping while we were there and then have a lunch date (my choice too!).

He wouldn't (knowingly) let me take his picture, so I sneaked one right after we got coffee...

I love that man!

And here is where I chose to have lunch...

Best blackened chicken salad I've ever had.

Because he earned BIG brownie points for passing up the morning with his brothers, I told him after lunch to go play with them. While he was gone I ran some errands, baked a fun fetti cake for my dad's birthday dinner that night, and prepared for this moment of pure joy...

That's my sister and my babies coming out of the elevator at the airport! Of course she had to be the 10th ride down...

I held my breath every time those doors opened just waiting to snag a glimpse of my favorite people in the world.

And FINALLY my child came out!! This picture pretty much sums up our relationship...

She is never quite sure what to do with me. I'm pretty sure the child never cracked a smile for the first year of her life. She acts like she's 30 and she gives me blank stares when I try to make her laugh. I often feel like she is more mature than me...or maybe she thinks I'm superficial...

As I'm yelling at Kelly loudly in the airport, "Oh my gosh Kelly, I love your SHOES!!" She is thinking, "Seriously, can this girl be any louder...I'm so embarrassed."

The picture speaks for itself...

Please look at her eyes.

And as I yell for Blake to "take a picture, TAKE A PICTURE..." she turns her head as if she's too good to waste her time on some paparrazi picture that her Aunty is making her take.

God help this poor child when she's old enough to really get embarrassed...I'm going to need to control myself...

Thankfully, she has a sweet, quiet "Bake" who is smitten with her and won't embarrass her...

Pure love.

My four favorite people in the whole world...my cup was running over at this moment...

The next day we had a very exciting baby shower to attend!

Blake's cousin, Jennifer is having TWIN boys, and we are so stinking excited!! Her sister, Natalie (far left) whos blog you may recognize from my list, has twins (a boy and a girl) so we were all shocked to hear that Jennifer was also going to be having two!

Bird decided to be a celebrity all day and keep her sunnies on.

Seriously, ALL DAY AND NIGHT! She stuck to her new favorite person who she mistook for "Mommy" :)

Could they pass as mine?! Just lie and say yes if you don't think so...

She finally forgave me for the fiasco I put on the night before, and she even let me sneak a few kisses!

She accepted Bake's request to be his girlfriend, and for the remainder of the day asked, "Where's Bake?! I wanna pay with Bake!"

Look how cute my sister is!! I love her and my little man!

That night we (as in Me, Nikki, Kelly and Britt) tried to assemble two car seats, and Lord help us if we ever try again...

who knew it could take so many girls to not figure out how to secure a car seat!

We each tried our own way, but we all fell short. After Nikki gave a shot at it and it didn't work she declared, "I'm going back inside to do what I know how to do best, which is hold a baby!" I laughed so hard thinking to myself, "Gosh...can I come too?!"

Rachel Birdie was finally ready to leave the party so she could make it to dinner and go to sleep at a decent time, so Uncle Jay gave her a boost...A girl's gotta get her beauty rest!

On our way out the door we told her she had to say goodbye to Teddy (my dog) and she slowly lost it.

Tears were streaming behind those big eyed glasses and I've never laughed harder. The child does not get emotional about anything and to watch her do it in all seriousness behind those glasses was almost too much...You would have thought John Mayer Blake had just broken up with her.

Here she was with her lip quivering...

But in true Birdie fashion she pulled it together, stared at us as if WE were the crazy ones, and walked out the door with her tiny nose in the air...

Gosh, I love that child!


  1. I love this blog! What a great weekend!
    This makes me laugh!
    That child is like a celebrity!!!
    She dresses absolutely amazing & the pictures with your captions are hilarious!
    Such a precious little family!
    I can't wait to see your precious babies one day!!

  2. I just laughed the whole way through this post! I felt like I was there at the airport the way you were describing it! I can hear you now :) We had a great time with you guys yesterday! Thanks for all you did! I am going out today to buy Madison some sunnies, a necklace, and a fur coat!

  3. OH my gosh she is so stinkin' precious! I can't wait for my sisters to have babies!!

    wait, wait yes i can.

    love you!