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Monday, November 8, 2010

A Christmas Shopping Weekend and a Baby Shower!

Did you hear about the Belk's sale this weekend?! If you were a cardholder you got 20% off of your purchase (like everyone else) PLUS an additional 20% for a total of 40% off almost everything in the store (the only exception was a max of 20% off of perfume and make-up).

My Mother-in-law is a cardholder so she let us use her card to get what we needed and pay her back. I seriously found the BEST deals!! Now I'm almost completely done with my Christmas shopping!

Here was my partner in crime for the day. She refused to turn around for the picture :)

We stopped in 6 different departments including houseware, china (still completing my wedding china, and I got so much of it through credit from returning other things!), shoes, make-up, perfume and men's wear. The picture above was from our first two stops.

Here were our bags after we had already taken one huge load to the car. We picked up some of Sharon's stuff too while we were there, but you could definitely say we took advantage of that sale!

I would tell you everything I got, but I'm afraid I'll ruin the surprise for the people that I bought for!

Here we are looking very tired...

After the Belk sale that ended at 10 (well, actually they extended it until 11-thank goodness!), we continued our shopping around town, and I found this chair that I loved...

it would match perfectly in our living room, but I was a little worried about the quality...it may not be the best buy for the money, but it was cute!

After a long day of shopping, my best friend Britt and I headed to Megan's baby shower!! You may recognize her from here :) We had so much fun and Megan looked absolutely beautiful!

I can't wait to meet tiny Adelyn in there! So cute!

Not only was her cake delicious, it was adorable too...

Yay for presents! :)

Brittney was not leaving without a belly picture :) I love this!

Here she is opening all of her gifts with her sister, Hillary

and here she is with the burp cloth that Britt got her...I loved it!

After the fun shower we came back to the house, ordered pizzas and watched the USC game (sort of...I wrapped presents!) We had such a fun, relaxing weekend, and I am LOVING the extra hour we gained!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hahaha that is some serious shopping! Love it! Megan is seriously the prettiest pregnant lady I've ever seen! :)

  2. HA HA! I thought I did damage at Belk..YOU KEPT THEM IN BUSINESS! :) I am excited for our coffee date Thursday :)