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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's in your grocery cart?

I have a problem.

I'm a people-starer...is that a word? Am I even spelling "stare" right? I've been out of school too long...

Anyway, I'm always so curious about other people's lives. My best friend Meg used to get embarrassed by me whenever we were out because I would literally just STARE at people (ps-I just googled "stare" to make sure I was spelling it right since this was my 2nd time using the word). It's a bad habit I never broke.

One of the worst times I do it, however, is at the grocery store...except I fix my eyes on other people's grocery carts.

I think to myself should I be getting what they have?!? Lord knows I'm not Paula Deen and I need serious help in the kitchen! I'm a creature of habit so I am constantly getting the same stuff at the store, and I know my poor husband is getting sick of pasta and spicy green beans...

So lend me some help, ladies! My sweet friends Brittani and Brittney have given me such good recipes, but I need motivation!

As I was strolling through the store last night I thought...well, I'll just go ahead and take a picture for everyone to see what I get...I was slightly mortified embarrassed to take a picture so I waited until everyone cleared out of the frozen food aisle.

don't judge...I'm working on it!

And don't think that it is usually this healthy...maybe you don't think it's healthy, but it's much healthier than our cart normally is! haha

So here you go!

And another shot...

And 75% of why I love Publix is for these...

Honestly the best green beans ever! They always look like this. You should see the bags I cart out of those things alone...especially when they're on sale.

And last, but certainly not least...a cheap bottle of wine! :)


  1. so are you wanting some new recipes or ideas on what to make? Your blog seriously makes me laugh. I love what you post/think about. Thanks for sharing your cute life. :)

  2. i'll share some delicious recipes with you dear megan.... i am out of the house at the moment, but give me a few days to gather myself and i'll email them over.
    but you HAVE to promise that you'll try them, because they are delicious, even if they sound suspect at first...
    remember, i love salty, crunch food as much as you!!!

  3. have you ever made roasted green beans w/ those green beans? They are AWESOME! :)
    I think I may have sent you the recipe! :)
    lol Im guessing ya'll were going to have lettuce and cheese sandwhiches w/ a side of tortilla chips!? Just kidding!

  4. you are a HOOT megan!! love it! i am all the time asking the older ladies what stuff is or where it is... bless them :)