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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ya did good Pottery Barn...ya did real real good!

Holy moly....

Has anyone else received the Christmas edition of Pottery Barn this month?! I have four words...I. want. it. all.

The season is for GIVING, Megan...GIVING!!! I know, I know...perhaps some of my family and friends will be GETTING these in that case because I feel the need to buy them.

So here you go...My Christmas I wish I could afford these gifts GIVING list!

Ok I change my mind...I don't want to give these lamps...I want them!! Especially two of the one on the far right for our bedroom. Gorgeous!

And then there are these which would be so fun to give! (Especially the "Pour" one!)

And now to the holiday items...

In the catalog it shows this in a window, which I think would be so beautiful to light at night...I LOVE this!

And you can NEVER have too many candles...especially when they sit in pretty little holders like these.

Ok...I want him below. Please?! Love him!! I think he needs a name...

GORGEOUS!! I would love these sitting on my mantle! Sparkly, without going overboard

These are just adorable...

And when I have babies, I DEFINITELY want an advent calendar like this! I think I would be more excited than the children.

And a good little (pretty) reminder to "Give" in many ways...

I think these are so pretty and so classy, and how fun to be able to pull out special pictures for Christmas of your family!

And then on to the not so holiday things...

This ENTIRE set up!! I LOVE pictures, and I love seriously everything about this picture...especially the colors and the amount of frames on the wall. Can this be my picture room?!

And last, but certainly not least I'm dying to get this for my precious little niece and nephew!! I absolutely LOVE shadow boxes, and this one is so simple and so beautiful! I especially love the gold "G"...but I'll need an "N" and a "B" :)

I hope you enjoyed! If you don't have the catalog you can always sign up for it online or grab one while you're in the store (for free!)

Happy Holidays!!

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  1. Oh Meg I know... that darn Pottery Barn! Wait until you have kids and get that darn Pottery Barn Kids Catalog! Grrr!! Everything's just so cute! Love these picks! Especially the shadow boxes in the last pic! <3