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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

$20 worth of happiness...for my husband

On the way up to Nashville, while stopping at a gas station, I found Blake in this "Gift shop." Now first of all, if Blake ever decides to pick me up a souvenier from his travels I've already made it perfectly clear that it better not EVER be anything from the "Uptown Gift shop" unless we're talking NYC...

However, he was a happy camper to find this...

Like a kid in a candy store he kept saying, "I have to have this...I HAVE to have this!"

"WHY?!! What in the world do you want a TWENTY DOLLAR wooden snake for?!"-Me

"Are you kidding?! This thing will become a legend in our house...we'll scare EVERYONE! FOR YEARS!!"

I thought about it for a second and remembered the time when we were in Ashville with his family for the weekend and his twin, Brent woke up 3 times in the middle of the night with night terrors screaming "Oh S***!!! Oh S*** Oh God! Oh Lord Jesus, please help me!!" because we watched an animal planet special on snakes...

Or when Greg (his dad) became speechless at the sight of a black snake the size of a spaghetti noodle in the driveway...

And then I thought about how Chad and Chandler both get the willies and start itching at the mention of the word snake, and I said...


I've never seen the kid happier to spend $20 in his life...

he even let me get a treat! :)

So...our first victim...

his dad!

Blake walked him over to the dogs kennel outside and Greg spotted it..."Oh my Gahhhhhh!!" He backed quickly away, and said "BLAKE!! You could have given me a heart attack!!"

I warned Blake about that...

Then our second victim who I THOUGHT would be the best to get...only got a little scared, but recovered quickly...

However, on the third round the whole family got in on it, and it was by far the best attempt EVER...

Blake, Brent and Greg screamed things like "Oh Lord...he's moving!!!" "HIS EYES!!" "Look at his mouth!!" "KILL HIM BLAKE" "GET AWAY BLAKE!!"

Even Sharon started screaming "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!!!"

All while Chandler (who ran in to get a gun in all seriousness) was screaming at them, "Y'ALL ARE SO STUPID!!! (as you can see here) Get Away from him, I'm going to shoot him!!"

Nikki and I have never laughed so hard in our lives! Poor Chandler was a good sport when he found out it was fake, but we could not help ourselves!

Looks like the $20 was TOTALLY worth it!



  1. I am DYING laughing right now!!!! If you guys really want to scare somebody save it for Thanksgiving and get Jackie!!! He HATES snakes! Oh Megan...that is so funny! I am just glad the Ayers have moved on from the fake poop!

  2. That is hilarious!!!! Megan, I am laughing so hard!! You have to put that thing away when I come!! I will have nightmares for a week!

  3. Megan! its your cousin Nate here. I loved this! hahaha. Laughed out loud in my office and everyone was staring. lol I love you and I miss you!

  4. sooo funny! Blake reminds me of Jon! This was good!

  5. this is hilarious! i hate snakes too! how funny that chandler went inside to get a gun! love!