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Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend in Nashville!

Blake and I hit the road for a fun-filled weekend in Nashville to meet my best friend, Audrey and her husband Scott, and then to attend the Williams-Notebaert wedding! We had the absolute BEST weekend!!

I learned two things...

1. I LOVE vacations with my hubby (ok I kind of already knew that, but it was just confirmed this weekend)
2. and I love long road trips with my husband (especially through the mountains in October-GORGEOUS!!)! I think I said "I just love everything about this trip" about 100 times to him...

So here we go...you get to come along for the ride!

We were both craving Starbucks so Blake said he would run in and get it. I asked for a decaf Mocha Frappacino, and he came back with all of this...

When he walked out I thought to myself, "What has he done?!" but then he quickly told me he got the second drink for free and that dark cherry syrup for $2 (it's his favorite)...he always has good luck like that!

After 7 hours in the car we made it to Nashville!

And met up with our precious friends!

We had such a fun dinner at Urban Flats...

And a fun fancy drink for Audrey and I called "The Grape Vine"...so good!

Afterwards we made our way downtown to this place where we tried to find the worst dancer on the floor...it kept us entertained for hours-Seriously, so funny!

Oh...and we saw about a million girls in next to nothing for their "Costumes"...I wanted to tell each one of them that they would look so much cuter with clothes on, but I refrained...and covered my husband's eyes. Geez Louise!

The next day we woke up, grabbed lunch and walked around downtown

We did "touristy" things like walk through this fort...

and walk along the river

After we were done, we picked up a football from Target and headed to the park...

They look so manly don't they?! :)

Audrey was clearly the better person to have on a team seeing as my throws hardly made it 5 feet...I blame that on my mom...she made me too girly! ;)

Finally we visited the Parthenon (Where the reception for Adrianne and Chris' wedding was that night) before heading back to the hotel.

Before saying goodbye to Audrey and Scott we stopped by the worst yogurt place in the entire world...

Sick...I had this in NY and loved it so I suggested we go there, but either this one was having a bad day or I was having a bad memory...

After saying goodbye we headed to Chris and Adrianne's BEAUTIFUL wedding! I sneaked a picture in the church as Blake was saying, "Megan! What are you doing?! You're embarrassing me..." I told him I had to give my blog readers a good read! So here you go... :)

After the ceremony we made our way back to the Parthenon for the reception...and look who came with me! :)

We were one of the first people there so I was able to get a couple of pictures of the details!

There was a HUGE gold (real) statue of Athenia as soon as you walked in...it was very dramatic and very fun!

She had beautiful flowers also...I loved the green apples!

and her cake! I absolutely LOVED it! (How it tasted AND how it looked...sometimes hard to have both)

And finally they introduced the new Mr. and Mrs. Williams by entering through these GORGEOUS doors!


Happy happy couple

Their first dance

and look...some of my favorite people from college!!

the boys sure enjoyed themselves...

and Blake and I had the best night together!

Bonnie, Jordan and I did a special "Peek through our window" picture! :)

Not only was everything beautiful and so much fun, the food was AMAZING!! I ate mine so fast I didn't even grab a picture, but here was Blake's plate!

After dinner we danced all night...

I had so much fun with these girls that I LOVE!

Chris had a special dance...Mazel Tov style

and we wished them well on their way to St. Lucia...

Such a BEAUTIFUL bride!!

We had such a fun night!

Now I'm spoiled and I'm ready to take our next vacation! :)


  1. How fun?!?! You looked beautiful...as always! I am glad you guys were able to get away for the weekend! Luke and Madison enjoyed playing with your sweet dog at Sharon's on Sunday! We missed you!

  2. how fun!! did you get to go to franklin at all? next vacation: guam!! :)