"Love talked about can be easily pushed aside, but love demonstrated is irresistable"-W Stanley Mooneyham

Monday, November 29, 2010


Can I just say that this time of year makes me so stinking happy?! I absolutely LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!

Although you would never know from the lack of decorations in my house...I'm working on it. This year I'm going to hit the sales right after Christmas for the decorations on clearance! :)

So we drove home Wednesday night and headed straight for the grocery store...

Although my mother-in-law had probably gone 5 times that week for everything else, the boys were in charge of the fried turkeys...and they took their job very serious.

After TWO hours in the store, a last minute decision to make lobster bisque soup from scratch for dinner at 10 pm????, a run into Mrs. Bonnie who gave us great turkey frying advice and 100 spices loaded up we were finally ready to check out...

When we got home Blake whipped up what seemed like a DISGUSTING concoction of a marinade for the turkey.

I'm talking he threw in barbeque sauce, minced garlic, mustard, red vinegar, every spice you can think of, salad dressings and anything else half opened in the fridge...and we're not talking he was going by a recipe. He was just throwing it in Emeril style...BAM! (I can't believe I just referenced that...I think I just chose the all time most annoying one word liner.)

We all kept yelling at him, "BLAKE! STOP!!" but he was like a kid wizard developing some kind of awful potion...

(that would be fire)

However, the next day when he forced me to try a piece of his turkey...


I had to eat my words.

It was DEVINE! Quite possibly the best turkey I've ever had!! I'll just try to keep my mouth shut from now on when the man is in the kitchen.

We woke up ready to eat on Thanksgiving and I was so happy when this little bitty angel walked in!

I wanted to pretend she was mine, but her real mommy was there... :)

Beautiful Mommy and baby girl!!

I have honestly never seen more food in my life. My sister asked me what we had for lunch and I ran out of breath telling her...perhaps because my pants were too tight, but I'll blame it on the spread.

Every counter space was invaded by food. And don't think for a second I was complaining...it was AMAZING!

Here was my plate...can we say carb coma?

Clearly the spread made Blake, his brothers (and pop-in Jonathan) happy boys!

Afterwards we lounged around the house, and it was so fun to all be together!

Nikki finally made it over after her family's Thanksgiving and I was so happy to see her!!

Love her!

Oh...and I LOVE these people too!!

Nikki wasted no time, however getting to her beauty fixes...thankfully I was second in line! (I won't tell you who was first for fear my husband might kill me) ;)

The next night we headed to Britt's for the Eastside reunion, but not before we got a picture first! :)

We had so much fun, and Britt was such a fun entertainer...as always!

When we started turning into icicles we got desperate and decided to burn Britt's Christmas tree...that would be LAST year's Christmas tree...

Collins was the bearer of that idea, and clearly he was very proud of his suggestion :)

Best idea EVER!

(For about 60 seconds anyway...)

I loved catching up with all of our favorite people! There's something about the people you grow up with that make them extra special to you. Or I guess I should say extra special to me! :)

Love her!

Clearly Collins felt the same way about the night...

We had so much fun catching up and laughing with everyone...

And at the end of the night we were exhausted...but don't worry, Britt did a special "Peek through our window" picture before we left...

Love it!

I am so happy it is officially the Christmas season!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)


  1. wells. oh EM geeeeeeeee! hahahahahahaha i can't believe i did that! i was asking matt the next day if i said bye to you guys and he was like "i dont know if you said bye to anyone." haha! i am so sorry i acted such a fool, haven't done that in a WHILE... but we had SO MUCH FUN. I think we may have to make that little get together a tradition. i love you!

  2. I love it! I can't believe I missed Nikki tweezing! I could've used her skills :) You and Blake look like naturals with Madison!! I just need to get her some "sunnies" and she will be set :) Love you Megan!

  3. I LOVED THIS POST!!! Megan... I wanted to be with you at Thanksgiving! You always have too much fun :) Next on the list.... hair tutorial!!! K thanks :)

  4. Hahaha the part about Blake's marinade cracked me up! I haven't seen Collins in forever! Holy moly! It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the people you love! That picture of Brittney cracks me up!