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Friday, November 12, 2010

Fun Thursday!

Last night when I got off work I met Sarah for coffee. Can I just say that girl time is not only fun, it's a necessity!

I love my Blake, but I sure do love my girl time too!! We had so much fun catching up, and I've decided it needs to happen on a weekly basis...ok Sarah?! :)

After coffee Blake and I met up with our friends Kyle and Lindsey for dinner here...

After dinner we came back to our house, and were entertained by Naphtali's (my niece) Christmas present. She is always talking about my Teddy, and since my sister may disown me if I got her a REAL Teddy, I got her a look-alike one! :)

Tucker was convinced it was real and sat and cried and barked for the 10 minutes we put "Teddy" up on the shelf...(excuse all of the chords...I'm working on it...

Ok I lied.

I'm not working on it, unless by working on it you mean you've left it for a year in hopes of everyone else not noticing how terrible it actually looks. Ok so now I'll be working on it...


But probably not.

Ok enough of that...)

He even tried jumping to him

Probably most of all in hopes that we were trading in the new "Teddy" for the old annoying one! :) (Oh look...more chords!)

Teddy sniffed around for a bit trying to see what to make of this new furry creature in our house...

but quickly moved on to his old favorite habit...

However, it was game over when Blake started petting "Teddy" in front of Tucker...Lord help us when we have a child, and Blake holds it. Tucker is the jealous type...

Now off to FRIDAY!!! I am SO excited about this weekend-hurry up hurry up!! :)

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  1. MEGAN!!!!! Naphtali is going to DIE over that dog!!!! I can not wait to see her with it, its going to be her most favorite toy ever!!!! AHHHHH.......I wish it was saturday already! So ready to see you!!!