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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch!

So Blake and I spotted a glorious Pumpkin Patch on Saturday while driving down the road and I BEGGED him to let me go get one. He happily agreed! :)

To say Blake and I were the only ones who had fun would be a lie...

Where's Waldo Teddy?

He was zipping through that pumpkin patch left and right...finally Blake and I had to hold him because he was becoming an embarrassment...he was not happy.

We had such a good time! (Please look how LOOOONG Teddy is now!)

They had little pumpkins

Slightly bigger pumpkins...

Pumpkins to play on...

And just downright ugly pumpkins...Who would buy this?!

We had SO much fun at the pumpkin patch...you should go find one in your town!

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  1. Hello GORGEOUS!!!! You look so beautiful in these pictures and I would like to pinch my teddy! Love you! Wish we could go to the pumpkin patch with you!