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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Treats...for Dentists

On Saturday after the Pumpkin Patch, we were so in the Halloween mood that we decided to head to Target and get the essentials to make Blake's new doctors (He just became a dental sales rep) Halloween treat bags.

You would have thought I just won a shopping trip to Target...I was so excited!

Here were some of the bags after stuffing them...we made 100 of them

And the finished product.

I ate about 7 bags myself...

Happy Halloween month...I hate dressing up so don't expect to find pictures of me and Blake in costumes-it won't happen, but candy will happen! :)


  1. The treat bags look fantastic! Great job!! I'm craving some candy corn now!!

  2. aww thank you, Katie!! Go get you some candy corn-you deserve it! :)

  3. Oh my gosh! I'm glad I wasn't in your house while you were making them. You would not have had any to give to the doctors;) They look so great!!!

  4. ya'll are sooo cute! Go blake w/ the new job!! :) & I LOVE the candy bags! :)