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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My (not so grown up) Christmas Wish List


(Just kidding...)

Well, sort of...

Heeeeeeere is my Christmas Wish List!

I've been in the Christmas spirit since July, but I feel like it is only now semi-acceptable to actually talk about it on my blog. I always get to the end of September and think...wow, there really is nothing I need or even want at this point...(which is the truth...)

And then October hits...

and I start to think of all kinds of things I want! I promise I think about the giving part too...I actually do love giving more than I do getting, but I'm not going to lie, people-I don't mind when my parents ask me what it is that I might want this year! :)

Unfortunately for them, I've come up with BIG things I want this year...BIGGGG things. I do not expect these things by any means, but Mom and Dad if you're feeling extra generous this year, by all means, feel free to get whatever you see for me on this post! It's not called a "Wish List" for nothing...I can dream, right?!

FIRST...and most coveted important...

The Canon 50d Camera.

I've been wanting this camera for years now...YEARS. Love it, love everything about it, love to take your picture through it...yes, I want it.

SECOND...since I wouldn't know what to do with it after I received it, I'd like private lessons from my favorite photographer in Greenville, Patrick Cox. He did my wedding pictures and I melted when I saw them...it was love at first sight. I was on facebook the other day and saw a status update from him that said, "Now giving private lessons!" I couldn't copy, paste and email that link to my dad fast enough with the heading, "WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!" (Mind you...I don't have that camera above...ha!) Here's the link if you want to put it on your wish list too!

Here is a picture of his studio that I copied from his blog

THIRD...Coffee Table Books.

I LOVE coffee table books...they make me happy. They're like LARGE magazines...and you know my love for magazines.

FOURTH...This Perfume by Dolce and Gabbana. It's their new scent and it's amazing!

FIFTH: Jewels...THESE jewels...

These earings that I found on Shopbop made by Gorjana for $50.

This necklace (from Shopbop) made by Gorjana for $99.40

These earings (on Shopbop) made by Melinda Maria for $265 (DREAMING, people...just dreaming-I promise!!)

This necklace (on Shopbop) made by Tuleste Market for $145

SIXTH: These Clothes.

This Sweater (on Shopbop...can you see a trend?! Maybe I should just ask for a gift card!) made by Juicy Courture for $198

This Shirt (on Shopbop) made by Gemma for $106

This Shirt (on Shopbop) made by Elizabeth and James for $TOO MUCH for this kind of shirt!! (but I still love it!)

And finally...These boots (on Shopbop) made by Report Signature for $395

There you have it...my superficial Wish list! :)

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  1. oh girl. i've had my christmas list made since last year.. ha. it's like a continuation of things i've been wanting but know we don't need to spend money on. ohh my. i hope santa thinks i've been good this year :)

    i love all your christmas gift ideas. i hope you get the 50D!! im about to email you about it. if you get it and even if you do patrick cox, you should check out 503 photography's workshop.

    it will fill up like super fast (within hours) but i took it with christine legrand and it was amazing!! you learn so much about the camera and it's all online so you can print stuff and have it forever to look back on.

    that's all :)