"Love talked about can be easily pushed aside, but love demonstrated is irresistable"-W Stanley Mooneyham

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Total Turnaround of a Day...Little Gift from God

Do you ever have those days where you're just ready to throw in the towel? Those days where you think I can't answer one more phone call at work...Or if you're a mother...I can't think of anything else to do to make this baby happy!!

Yesterday was my day.

After lunch I could feel the anxiousness coming on, and I couldn't stick around for it...

I left work early and headed straight home for the bed. I quickly fell into a deep sleep (which is usually all I need to get out of that little quirky hole) and woke up two hours later.

As I was about to run to the post office to send my sister a package my phone rang, and guess who it was?!

My friend, Brent of Aman Stovall...remember him from this post?! Or this one?! Or maybe you follow him and his gorgeous business partner Mary Katherine here.

Well, he asked me where I was, and I told him, "I'm home...where are you?!"

He told me he and Mary Katherine had just finished showing their line to a boutique in Columbia and he was right down the road...

Can we say perfect time for a quick visit from a precious friend?!!


He said, "We're on our way to your house!"

"HEAVENLY DAYYYY!" I thought to myself, and then I looked around at all of the crap thrown in every direction...

You should have seen how fast I threw things in closets, tossed dishes in the dishwasher, lit candles to hide any trace of the fact that we share our house with two dogs that overtake it and turned on the AC for the first time this year because I had worked up a sweat...

It was like that scene out of Adventures in Babysitting...please tell me you've seen that gem of a movie from the 80's...it was a household staple in our family.

I finally heard them knock on the door and I lit up!

I barely got to through the "hey!! I've missed you's..." before I quickly asked, "Sooooo do you by any chance have the clothes with you?!!"

They told me yes, and I ran and grabbed my camera and prepared for a dress up party...

In my front yard...


So here they are...even more gorgeous in person if you can imagine, and now I am even more obsessed not just because I love their clothes...

But because the two behind the clothes are some of my favorite people ever!

Seriously...I think I found my new best friend in Mary Katherine! She is SUCH a DOLL!! Cutest, sweetest and most down to earth girl ever...LOVE her!!!

And speaking of love...you know my love affair with this piece from their collection...

Seriously...it could not be any more gorgeous!! Any guess what I found out...Mary Katherine had a dream about it, and the next day made it come to life! Love it even more!!!

Love Love Love...that was all that I was feeling. I was seriously on a high.

And then I asked to pull this out because I almost can't breathe when I look at this dress it is so stunning...

And thankfully my sweet husband came home just in time to see all these beautiful things for himself so he will know what to get me when he sees them in the store...



I came out a new, slightly sassy, woman

Thank goodness when you feel like your loosing your mind you can sometimes find it in your clothes...

And even MORE SO in your friends! :)


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! What a fun afternoon!!! That cape is GORGEOUS!!!!! Sign me up for the pre-order on that one or that AMAZING evening gown!! Ahhh....LOVE it!!!!

  2. You are so right, that dress truly is stunning!

  3. oh how fun! :) y'all are all so cute & the clothes are beeeeatuiful :)
    So glad your day got better!

  4. I want that gown! The only place I have to wear it is in my house. The only people that will see are my kids. BUT who said you can't look damn good while washing dishes!!!!

  5. LOVE everything, especially that GORGEOUS dress..I want it so badly!! What a fun day!!