"Love talked about can be easily pushed aside, but love demonstrated is irresistable"-W Stanley Mooneyham

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nikki's Birthday!

Wednesday night we were so excited to get to celebrate Nikki's birthday! Here she is with her beautiful Mom!!

We headed to Smoke on the Water in downtown Greenville (if you've never been, or if you ever visit Greenville make sure to go...it's amazing!) We had the absolute BEST time!

The ambiance is more like this, but my camera always brightens everything. I loved our view of the streets!

The beautiful couple :)

Blake and I were so excited to have such a fun night out!

And when it came time to sing "Happy Birthday" we made her blowout the only candle in sight...and our only source of light at the table...

Make a wish to be my sister, Nikki!! ;) :)

I'm so happy we got to celebrate a day just for her...she is so precious, and I am so thankful for her in my life! Happy Birthday, Nikki!! (you get a week of celebrations in my opinion!)


  1. Cookie cake from The Chocolate Shoppe! I'm jealous...that's my all time favorite!

  2. haha! You're exactly right, Jami!! It doesn't get any better than that, does it?! Love those things...