"Love talked about can be easily pushed aside, but love demonstrated is irresistable"-W Stanley Mooneyham

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5 Minutes in my head...

First off, thank you for all of the votes yesterday!! Thanks to all of you I'll be going with the Aldo ones! :)

Now onto last night...

For some reason this past weekend I was chatty Cathy in Blake's ear.

I'm not usually a huge talker...or maybe I am and don't realize it??

But this weekend I realized it...

I just couldn't stop talking!

It didn't even stop when my mouth stopped moving. Last night I got in bed and laid there as Blake fell quickly asleep, and my mind raced 1000 thoughts per minute.

Here's what was on my mind...in no particular order...

I hope those vitamins I took at dinner don't make me sick in the middle of the night.

Should we keep our money as money or should we buy gold and silver...this inflation thing is kind of keeping me up at night...

Why is Tucker breathing so loud...

Why did I ever let dogs come into this house...

Oh wait...because of that little fur ball, bundle of joy, Himmies sleeping at my feet :)

I wonder if I checked all of the houses on homes.com in Simpsonville...I REALLY want to move there.

I love my husband.

I love Emily Maynard.

I wish I had her legs.

I miss my family.

I need to go to the grocery store...I'll be devastated if I get to the last part of my spicy green beans and have no soy sauce to finish them off tomorrow.

I hope people on my blog know how much I love Jesus. Especially since I like to use the words hell, s*** and other four letter words to enlighten my stories.

That sermon on Sunday punched me in the gut.

I need a small group.

I need a church.

I need some chocolate.

I need a tissue for all the tears I'm about to cry because I miss my niece and nephew so bad.

I want a baby.

No I don't.

Yes, I do.

Right now.

Oh wait, Blake won't let me quite yet.

Or for another few years.

I've gotta go "green" with all my products and throw out anything plastic in this house. Kristen Pardue's tweets (@GFreeDietitian) are starting to freak me out.

Oh shoot, does that mean I can't use my Obagi?? That stuff is really keeping the wrinkles away.

I may have to make just one exception...

Why can't I sleep?!


Blake...STOP SNORING!!!!

And somewhere in between the snores and the crazy thoughts I drifted off to sleep....


  1. Oh my gosh Megan you just summarized me in one blog post!! Holy cow... this is me EVERY night! It's an endless battle between my thoughts and sometimes it makes me so frustrated! I busted out laughing at your first thought becuase something like that is ALWAYS my first, third, eleventh, eighteenth, etc. thought. It haunts me! You're hilarious. I love you. I wish you would join my small group, you would love it. Ps- where is simpsonville?

  2. Oh my gosh Erin, I would give ANYTHING to be in your small group!! I miss that the most these days, and how much fun would we have?! So sad we don't live close together! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has these thoughts! hahaha And I am always freaking out about those vitamins! YIKES! Simpsonville is right outside of Greenville, but it's a little smaller, newer and all of the houses are really cute (and a little less expensive)...Blake and I are both eyeing it these days :) Miss you and love you so much!!

  3. oh you're funny! :) if you ever can't fall asleep, im up in guam! (because it's the next mid day/afternoon!) i can't ever turn my brain off at night either.. i have a million thoughts racing through my head and gatlin falls asleep in no time. not fair!

    love the aldo shoes :) love you!!

  4. Oh sweetheart! How precious is your conscience! Kelly and I loved your blog today. I am thankful you even care about such things, because so many don't. Just learn to give them to the Lord, because He cares for you.

    Love you,

    Mama xoxoxo

  5. if our love for Jesus was measured in how little we cuss...well you know where that would leave me! sleep tight tonight :)

  6. how precious are you!!!
    i loved this blog! :) tooo cute!
    are y'all really maybe moving to Simpsonville??
    & Blake -- give in ;) ha!

  7. THANKS for stopping by my blog today! I am glad you found me! And of course I would help you with some things if yall stay in town :) I secretly am thinking about starting a little business but not really sure how it would work. Big dreams I guess! hehe! Thanks again for saying hi!

  8. i can SO tell why we're best friends... my thoughts are almost identical! i am about to steal this blog idea and do the same thing... and i guarantee you anyone who reads your blog and mine will be like "oh wow, same person." haha love you!!!

  9. I agree with Brittney, bout to steal this blog!!! Do you mind????? Great one! xo