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Monday, March 21, 2011

This weekend...

It was a gorgeous weekend in Greenville (South Carolina) so Blake, Brent, Nikki and I decided to go get coffee downtown Saturday morning at the Starbucks in Falls Park...

The boys enjoying themselves...

I love our weekends together!

And then we found Thumper...well, I named him Jack, but his owner who was very interesting (a whole different story) said his name was Thumper...

He carried him around like a child...and then so did Nikki...

That afternoon the boys left to go fishing at the lake so Nikki and I stayed behind.

My dad asked me to go on a tour of homes with him because the Cancer Center of the Carolina's was putting it on, and our favorite thing to do together is to go look at beautiful houses so of course I said count me in!

I dragged Nikki with me and my dad also brought his girlfriend, Rebecca. We had so much fun, and the house was GORGEOUS!

Here was the entrance way just to give you an idea of how large it was...

The beautiful entrance way...

The kitchen cupboard...

The wife's closet...

My absolute favorite part of the whole house...the bathtub. Simply amazing...

And here was dad in the shower...with the 15 shower heads and no doors...I loved it!

And just to give you an understanding...this was a TEN YEAR OLDS room...*ahem* poor child won't know what hits him when he has to live in a dorm one day...

And the gorgeous back yard that had a pool, pond and hot tub to the right...

We had such a fun weekend, Himmies couldn't even stop smiling...

I said, "Himmies, tell me how much you REALLY loved this weekend"....and this was how big his smile got...



  1. Is that the Southampton house? I am dying to see it!

  2. Yes!! It was! You absolutely have to go...it is so gorgeous...and enormous!! Let me know what you think if you go see it!

  3. ohhh my. i currently have enough food in my pantry to fill up.. ONE of those shelfs. and my closet... i would have to hang up all my work out clothes, t shirts, panties.. everything to even attempt to make that thing full :) pretty house! i just want the shower and tub!!

  4. That is so funny yall went to that house! I had to work in it on Friday....hate I missed you! This house is so unbelivable! I am pretty sure I would just hang out in the bathroom and by the pool all the time!
    Hope to see you at Jami and Gabe's wedding if not before then!

  5. btw...I think that rabbit is bigger than my child! That is hilarious that she was carrying him around downtown!

    And I love that your dog smiles!

  6. SO-if i'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure that one of my bestfriends dads helped develop that neighborhood...If so, that's the first house in the neighborhood & it belongs to a doctor...am I right?
    anyways - ugh! I was supposed to go visit it! I hate I missed out! :) at least you took some pictures and shared them :)

    Also, 1- I'm jealous that you have such an awesome brother in law/ sister in law couple that y'all enjoy so much...
    & 2- I can't believe your puppy smiles :)

  7. hahahahah love the dog smiles!

  8. BB-I just laughed so hard...especially about the food part because I feel the same way!! I miss you so much!

    Lindsey, I can't believe we missed you!! I wish we would have seen you! It was so gorgeous I think I could have stayed for hours...and Emma Gray is most definitely smaller than that rabbit!! That thing was enormous!

    Brittani, I think that's right about the doctor living there! And yes, it's 1 of 2 houses...they were stunning!! I wish I would have known ahead of time and we could have met you there! I'm dying to see that tiny little bump! :)

  9. that house is AMAZING! I am dying over the tub and shower! (and the closet and the pantry and probably everything else in the house!)

  10. can i PLEASE have that bathtub???! i would be the cleanest person alive!!!! i love those overflowing tubs!! ahhhhh