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Thursday, December 2, 2010

So long Wal-Mart shoes...

A little over a year ago I was applying for jobs because we had just moved to Columbia. I put my resume in about 30 different places and NO ONE was hiring...NO ONE!

We became desperate for money because Blake was in school for one more semester, and we didn't exactly plan for the real world (which actually turned out great for us because we learned a LOT during those months). My dad had come down one night and took Blake and I out to dinner at Harpers, and while we were eating I was talking about how desperate I was becoming for a job. Our waiter overheard me and kindly suggested I put my application in...

I never knew I'd be so desperate to want a job at a restaurant...

Anywho, after a couple of interviews I got the job (praise the Lord) and was told I needed to wear black tennis shoes, a white collard shirt and jeans.

I had the jeans, but the other two were a problem. We literally had NO MONEY at the time so I decided I'd just wear Blake's white shirts (12 sizes too big) and I'd just find some cheap shoes.

Blake took me over to payless. After finding nothing there I headed to Wal-Mart. I finally found a pair of Danskin black tennis shoes that were a knock off of the Nike shocks one. I called my sister half crying and half dying laughing at the fact that I was about to wear $17 Walmart shoes.

I know what you're probably thinking...what a brat-who cares!

You're exactly right. And it took me wearing those Walmart shoes for a year to realize that.

It was a running joke between my sister and I like...

"I'm going for a walk"-Me

"Please tell me you're wearing your Wal-Mart shoes"-Kelly


"I'm going to work"

"Aww and you have your Wal-Mart shoes on"

She helped me cope...helped me laugh at myself...and she even made the humbling process funny to me.

This weekend Blake (who cannot stand the shoes) and I were going to take the dogs out for a walk. I was getting ready and putting my shoes on, and he said "How about we go get you some new shoes?"


Yes...Please...-he said

So we went over to Dick's Sporting Goods and I walked straight back to the shoe section with total excitement. Blake tried stopping at every section and I kept dragging him closer to the back thinking "WHY DIDN'T THEY PUT THE SHOE SECTION AT THE FRONT OF THE STORE?!!?!"

I couldn't get there fast enough. I tried on anything with color. Anything that did not resemble my Wal-Mart shoes. And finally I found a pair! My little brother-in-law, Chandler has the same version in a different color, and I realize I'm getting old and probably don't know what is cool anymore so I copied him.

As excited as I was to buy my new shoes, I actually got a little sad to let my Wal-Mart shoes go...Seriously! Out of all my shoes, I'll probably always remember those because of what they represented to me. A year of the Lord being faithful and providing, and teaching me it's ok to wear Wal-Mart! :) I remember when I was searching for a job my one HUGE prayer was for the Lord to humble me. I thought I deserved some amazing job, and I didn't deserve to have to settle for something I didn't want to do...ha! funny...He humbled me alright. I said, "God, whatever job you give me I'll do...no matter what it is." He gave me what I asked for, and I did the job even though I literally HATED it. I worked double shifts and would literally be so physically exhausted I could barely move. TIP YOUR SERVERS WELL, PEOPLE! :) One day however, a couple came in and sat in my section. Somehow they started talking about their jobs and told me they were chaplains for a bunch of companies in Columbia. He asked me how I liked my job, and all I said was, "Well, if something better comes along I'll be happy to take it!" He told me about a little company up the road who was just bought out by Aflac and were about to hire a ton of people. Guess where I work today...Aflac. So my shoes remind me of my little journey to be where I am today.

However, I'm very excited to say that although I was a little sad, I did get REAL running shoes while we were there...ones that actually have support when you put them on. Blake said, "Now Megan, all of these are going to feel 1000% better than the ones you have now so just be patient in picking a pair out" bahahaha! He was right...

So drum role please...

Introducing my new running shoes...(that I'll never run in because I don't run :) )


  1. now this made me laugh & cry toooo! Whew! I must be emotional! :) Love your new shoes & love what your old shoes mean to you! :) SO sweet!!!

  2. HAHAHAHA!! I love that you don't run but buy running shoes! That is great! Honestly though, you are so right about those times when you have nothing. It used to be a huge ordeal for Bonnie and I to even go rent a movie from Blockbuster. We had absolutely nothing. I used to sit and watch hours of Smallville online with her on our free Clemson Ethernet and we would fix our little spaghetti with hardly any meat on it. We owned a cat that we could never afford to take to the vet tht ended up dying on us a year later... poor thing... and we only owned 1 car. I got to take her to school every day and come visit her at the smoothy bar she worked at after school. I loved it! I miss those times because the only thing we thought about during those times was each other and God. It was the sweetest time and I will always remember those years as my favorite because I had a sweet wife who loved me no matter how much money we did or didn't have. Thanks for the post. Love it!

  3. This is such a wonderful story!! I can't believe I had no idea!!! I love your shoes. Please tell me you didn't take them home with that black sensor though! :)

  4. I completely understand where you are coming from. I just told someone a few days ago that it is so humbling to ask for an application when all along you thought you would be sending out resumes and cover letters. It makes you very grateful for any job you get!