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Monday, December 20, 2010

Parties, Parties, Parties...

Friday night we kicked off our weekend with a graduation party for my brother-in-law, Brent...


So many fun people showed up, and we had the best time. Here is Brent, Nikki and Nikki's best friend, Brittney.

and them with Natalie's precious babies!

I didn't take enough pictures of the night, but me and the Hubby were so happy to be there!

But let's be honest, everyone knows the best part of a graduation party is this...

Whoever started the idea of giving money when you graduate was genious...I'll go ahead and say thank you to that person for Brent :)

Saturday I woke up and dragged Blake to my favorite boutique in Greenville, Hampden Clothing. I found these two things on sale and wanted both, but Blake was only in favor of one...can you guess which one??

I know, I know...jumpers are man-repellers. They hate them! I absolutely loved it and he absolutely hated it.

The dress, however, he was in favor of...but I think I'll wait until it's marked down a bit more :)

After our little trip downtown, I headed to my precious friend, Christi's shower! It was such a fun party hosted by Holly Jones who you may recognize from here.

She got some awesome gifts, but my favorite was a painting her soon-to-be Mother in law gave her of the church her and Jake will be getting married in. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift, and who wouldn't want that?!

Later that night my family took me to one of my favorites, PF Changs for an early birthday dinner since I won't be with them on the actual day.

Literally, do they make anything that doesn't taste good?!! I got the crispy green beans and This...

The Peppered Steak...AMAZING.

After dinner we had two Christmas parties to stop by, but sadly only made it to one! And this was the only picture I got!! (of Brittney's Mom's beautiful house) We loved hanging out with all of our friends there, but we were sad to miss Holly's Christmas party...just too many things in one weekend!

The next morning Blake's family took me to my other favorite restaurant in Greenville, Soby's for Sunday Brunch! I was SO excited, and we all had so much fun together!

Me and my sweet husband!

I tried to take a picture of the inside, but I didn't give it a very good effort...

And last, but certainly not least...my Father-in-law, Blake and Brother-in-law.

The weekend was so much fun! I am so looking forward to this (Two Day!!!) work week and the Holidays following closely behind. We'll be heading to Florida on Wednesday for Christmas so I will keep you updated!


  1. Sounds like a busy, but fun weekend! I hope you have an easy week and safe trip to Florida! Make sure to soak up some sun while you are there!

  2. YUM! Went to Soby's on Saturday night for the first time in forever... so yummy!!