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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting Woozy...

On Sunday, Sharon, Nikki and I ventured over to good old Wal-Mart for some holiday candy for Blake's treat bags (for his doctors). I wish I would have taken a picture of my shopping cart, but just imagine $100 worth of candy...

From Wal-Mart.

Which is like double what you would get from Target.

Anywho, that's not the point...when I checked out, Sharon and Nikki were a few people behind me so I had about 10 minutes to kill. I looked at the eyeglass section remembering the time where I had just come home from the doctor (who told me my vision was 20-10) and I told my mom that he suggested I needed glasses.

Bold face lie.

It was the time when those plastic frames were getting really cute, and dang I wanted some!

Then I moved on to this thing where I thought I would just take a seat and try it out...

I felt my heart pulsing all over my body afraid that when the numbers came up it would read something like...YOU'RE ABOUT TO DIE.

I always get this way around medical stuff. You know when you're at the doctor and you see that plastic thing up on the wall of used needles...I just made you weak didn't I?

My tongue just went numb when I wrote that sentence.

All of that to say I told myself to get over it. "You'll be fine, Megan!" "You're perfectly healthy...I think." I cheerleaded myself all the way to pulling up my sweater and sticking my arm in. And as soon as I was about to hit the red button I read this...

I whipped my arm so quick outta that thing it wasn't even funny. Forget my blood pressure...there's no chance I'm risking making a fool of myself by fainting just to see that it's probably not even normal!

And then Sharon and Nikki walked by and I calmly stood up and walked out as though that little fiasco didn't just happen...

Lord help me if I ever have to go to the hospital...

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  1. Megan! I was laughing the whole time reading this! I could picture the whole thing! HILARIOUS!!!