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Thursday, June 3, 2010

SPF 500

SO...my mom called me yesterday from her dermatologist's office right before and after her dermatologist gave her a full body check for skin cancer. What was the result? About FIVE suspicious moles, one in particular on her leg that had to be taken off immediately. What do you think I did the second I got home?!? Took a mirror, and started scanning my ENITRE body.

Thankfully, about a week ago I made an appointment for a check up on August 31st with a new doctor in Greenville who is supposed to be great. I'm constantly looking up melanomas and basil cell moles on the internet to make sure I make myself aware of which one's should be a red flag if they ever decide to pop up. So far I've got about 2 or 3 that may be, so...I'm going to go have them checked!

My friends laugh at me because I seriously NEVER, and I mean NEVER get in the sun. I spent our honemoon in Mexico under an umbrella, or in the pool for the first 10 minutes after using an entire bottle of sunscreen, and then hopped right back out and got under the umbrella. If I had skin that tanned beautifully, I would most definitely struggle with tanning all the time, but thankfully the Lord gave me two options...White or Red.. Therefore I am on the mission to keep everyone from skin cancer! Make sure you are checking constantly and look at yourself in a mirror. I found one very suspicious one on the back of my leg that I would have never seen if I wouldn't have taken a look in the mirror.

So here's a little inspiring reminder to keep yourself protected in the sun this summer...and remember...there is always a spray tan!! (thankfully! :) )

And wear one of these because they are super cute...I'll be getting one soon too

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