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Monday, June 28, 2010

Overview of our weekend

First of all...GO GAMECOCKS!!! I never thought I'd be one to say that-I grew up a Clemson fan, but since my husband is about to graduate from USC, and because our good friend, Kyle is on the baseball team that's headed to the National Championships, I just can't help myself this time

So Friday night we started our weekend off with Mellow Mushroom, and watching the big game against Clemson. We were so excited that KYLE HIT A HOMERUN!! (clarification...he's the catcher for USC-I couldn't find a picture of his big run, sadly)

The next day Blake had to work all day so I got a FREE DAY TO MYSELF!! Let me just say that I LOVE being with my husband 100% of the time, but I also LOVE having a day to do whatever I want to do! I hit all my favorite spots. Including...

of course...and then...

to get some energy...and then here...

To an estate sale! Oh my gosh, I love these! You can find some gems at these places if you hit a good one.

Then I decided to rent myself a movie, so I chose this one...

It was pretty cute. Overall my day to myself was wonderful, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time of mindless tasks :)

The next day Blake asked me if I would go play disc golf with him. I told him "No" 7 times before I finally said yes, and I was so happy that I finally gave in because we had the best time together!! (I've told you before I always do this!) It was so hot, but it's a very hilly course so it kind of felt like we were in the mountains...kind of.

After we were done, we went grocery shopping together.

I know these things have to seem boring, but I had the best time just because we were doing it together! Funny how the little things make you happy.
Now...Counting down the days until Friday where we'll be headed off to the LAKE for the 4th OF JULY!!!!!!

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  1. Hi ya--stumbled into you because we have similar blog names!
    Where i live (in the rocky mountains of canada), we love disc golf!

    Stop by one day if you feel like it,