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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bag Swap

Do you ever look at something your friend has and really wish it was yours?? Ok ok, I know this is called COVETING, but thankfully I have a friend who wants to keep me from sinning so she offered to let me borrow her handbag.

Here is her beautiful Kate Spade bag that I am talking about...

So I was raving about it and going on and on, and she said, "Meg, let's just trade handbags and when you come up to see me at the end of the summer we'll just switch back!"

BRILLIANT!!! I thought...I just felt bad because she will be getting the bad end of the deal!

See, here is my bag...

Black, practical, great, but she has the exact same one in brown (I think I copied her when I bought it a couple of years ago...she's got great taste, I just can't help myself)

SO what do you think I did...said no, I don't want you to trade down, you enjoy your beautiful bag and I'll keep mine?? HEAVENS NO!! I said "Really?! Wonderful!! Are you sure?! Ok, I'll take it!!" Now for the past 3 days I've carried it around like a faberge egg terrified I'm going to break it.

I almost asked if she wanted to make the same trade with our cars, but I thought that might be pushing it...

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