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Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy 11 month Anniversary Blake!!

Ok I know you're not really supposed to count "months" anymore as an anniversary when you're married, but I promise I'll stop after this...I just like a good excuse to celebrate a day, and what better day to celebrate than being married to Blake for 11 months! :) I seriously DO NOT KNOW where the time went! I feel like it was last week that we were at the church about to walk down the aisle, but I do know it's been the best time of my life.

It has not always been easy...I remember the first two months thinking "WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME IT WOULD BE LIKE THIS?!!!" We had kind of a hard time making that adjustment (and the more I talked to married people, they said the exact same thing). I think everyone goes through those times...some are shorter or longer than others, but I remember the day of our 2 month anniversary, and thinking "Wow...the joy just clicked" haha. It was pretty much 2 months to the "T". Now I tell everyone when they ask me how I've liked being married that it literally is the best thing in the world, BUT it was a hard change for me. I have a REALLY hard time with change, so I resisted a lot of it, and poor Blake probably was thinking "Who is this person I just signed up for life with?!" But I just kept telling him give me time...I promise I will get better with time, and he was patient, and I got better and better with the change. I remember the most annoying thing I would hear during those 2 months was "Oh isn't marriage just the greatest thing EVER?!" I kept thinking "Actually no it's not, but thanks for asking..." I hope Blake doesn't kill me for sharing this, but I remember just wishing during that time that I had someone to identify with, so I hope this helps put someone out there at ease that you're not the only one! :)

With that said...I am now so totally head over heels in love with my husband, and I cannot imagine a single day without him! He has proved to me God's enormous love for me because I know I do not deserve such an amazing, wonderful husband, but I am SO thankful for him!! There are so many times I wish I could express all the wonderful things about him...but I think I'll save that for our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! :)

So our plans to celebrate tonight?

Dinner and a movie...he even agreed to watch Dear John with me! (I told you he was wonderful)

What are your weekend plans? I hope you all have a wonderful one!!

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  1. Finally, someone else who admits that marriage wasn't 100% fun and bliss in the beginning! I mean, I know I had other stressors involved, but we definitely had a hard time after he deployed. And then another learning curve when he came home and we lived together for the first time. We are finally hitting our stride though. But, little hiccups will always come along and I think that's normal!

    I can't help but think people are lying (maybe even to themselves) when they say marriage is so wonderful and easy. I know my sister struggled in the beginning, too. It was nice to get married so close together so we could vent to each other about how much it stunk at times! :)

    I promise I've been through a little of everything in the last two years of marriage, so if you ever want to vent, I'm here!

    Dear John pretty much mirrors the way Scott and I met and fell in love. I don't know if you have seen it yet, but it's amazing. Have tissues ready! And enjoy your 11 month-iversary and weekend!