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Friday, June 4, 2010

If I had my choice...

So if we lived in a world with no starving children, and money flowing freely...this would be my Luxe List of pretty things.

My sister and I keep saying that we want to get a "sister love" bracelet at some point in our life. I think we'll be buying each other's so we don't have to feel guilty about spending the money. The Cartier Love Bracelet (above) and the Van Cleef and arpels clover bracelet (below) are our two running choices right now.

My buying rule in life is buy nicer and buy less. I'd honestly rather have one watch, one bracelet and one ring my entire life and put all the money into that one piece. So if I had to choose one watch for the rest of my life I'd choose this gold rolex.

Oh this beautiful bathroom...I take a bath almost every single night, and every time it feels like a mini-vacation, so if I ever had the choice I would make my bathroom a sanctuary. I'm obsessed with this wallpaper, and I love the idea of a sitting area in there...I'll take this one.

With this shower...I love the multiple shower heads.

Tied for my favorite room in a house would definitely be a kitchen and I want it to have "come and stay awhile" written all over it! (not literally, just comfy wise, a room you don't want to leave) I love this one with those upholstered bar stools and the glass cabinets.

And how incredible is this?! I love the barn doors into the kitchen. I've seen this on a couple of websites so apparently others love it as much as I do!

Gadgets-A Mac Book Pro. I would love NOT to be a PC, but for now, I'm thankful mine still works after all these years...maybe one day I'll get this!

My brother in law, Jim and I have the same love for nice cars, and he introduced me to this one. I love all Audi's, but this takes the cake-the Audi A5

And for my SUV? What else...a Range Rover. There's no better SUV in my opinion

Don't judge me, but I love this one below

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'm so excited because I get to see my Mom and new Step-dad!! Pictures to come!

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