"Love talked about can be easily pushed aside, but love demonstrated is irresistable"-W Stanley Mooneyham

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mountain Weekend!!

Since 7th grade we've been going to Brittney's Mountain house in Highlands, NC, and it is by far one of my favorite things that we do!! She is always so sweet to have us all up there, and we make some of the best memories there...

Don't believe me about the "7th Grade" thing? Well, here's your proof...

Apparently I did all my growing through 7th grade and then just stopped. Can you guess who that is on the far left...Oh yes! Thank goodness my hubby grew a few inches over the years! ;)

From left to right is Blake, Britt (who were "dating" at the time haha!), our friend Megan, Meg, Brent and Me.

And Praise the Lord I will be reuniting with my best friends in just a few hours!!!

Britt, I don't know how you didn't make it into this picture, but I would have photoshopped your head in if I had it on my computer! haha.

Anyway, get ready for a long update with lots of pictures when I get home! I feel like it's Christmas Eve...I cannot contain my excitement!!

Have a Happy Love Weekend!! :)


  1. aww! That first pic of you and Britt is GORGEOUS!!! And I can't stop laughing at the 7th grade pic! haha! So cute!

  2. how precious :) I cannot believe you & blake in this picture!! Toooo cute!! I hope you have a wonderful time! Highlands is amazing!

  3. I keep looking and looking because I feel like you and your husband look so familiar...so does your friend Brittney. Anywho, some fabulous clothes and what a cute bunch of friends you have! We went to Highlands with a group of friends last year, and swore that it would be a yearly trip--now we're in Seattle and couldn't QUITE make it :). Impressive to see that yall have stuck together (and with your trip) all these years.