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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hiding under...my pillow.

Hello my blog friends!

Forgive me for falling off the face of the planet. I thought death was calling my name in the form of the flu, but thank God I'm a walking, talking human being again! Whew...that was roughhh!

I literally stayed in bed for 3 days straight, and I was so thankful when my body started coming back to life.

It started off as some kind of bronchitus thing, and I couldn't stop coughing...it was a bad chest cough. Poor Blake who had been so sweet to me through the whole thing came in the 2nd morning and did something that almost ended our marriage...

He sprayed an ENTIRE bottle of Lysol in the room.

Now just think about it for a second...I was sitting there HACKING, and before I could say, "STOP SPRAYING!!!!" my lungs were engulfed with LYSOL!! Not to mention I had just read a friend's tweet about toxic household cleaners, and how I needed to go "green"...wonderful.

Oh it was not pretty. There were many tears on my part, and many "I'm sorry's" on his. It wouldn't have been a big deal except for the fact that I had quaranteened myself to that room and no others so I was stuck! With the Lysol smell!! With an aching, feverish, headached, nauseous, kill me now body! I swear I never want to smell it again...

During the 3 hours I was actually awake during that time, I occupied my time with this...

I may be the only person (besides my bf Britt!) who actually LOVES doing their taxes!! That's probably because we actually get money back still...one day I may hate it! :)

Anywho...I may be a little slow this week getting back in the swing of things, but we have a VERY EXCITING weekend planned with all of my best friends, and I cannot wait for Friday!!! You will be getting a very long, detailed post about it as soon as I return!


  1. I am SO glad you feel better!! I hate you were soo sick!!

    Ok & let me just say, Blake should be VERY thankful he is still alive. Lysol is one of the worst and most nauseating smells...EVER! I would have died. Lysol=pure headache. I will only even THINK of spraying lysol if someone has been SUPER sick & I am going to hold my nose, spray it and leave for many, many hours!! ugh! You poooor thing!!!!

  2. hahaha!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hates that stuff! It's terrible!! I've been checking for more updates today, missy, and I can't find one!!! I need more info!! ;)

  3. yay! I JUST filed mine a few minutes ago. Mexico, here I come!!!!!!

  4. Honey! You crack me up! I seriously love how you look at life. You bring new sunshine everyday into my life with this blog. I can't believe you know how to do your taxes. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! You have gone beyond me! I left that to the professionals! Still laughing over this one. love you! mama xoxox