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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A golf outing...

Sunday we had planned to go straight home after our fun weekend in the mountains, but when we picked up Tucker (our other dog) in Greenville from Blake's parents' house, we saw how GORGEOUS it was outside, and we knew we had to do something!

So we headed to the golf course...

We hadn't seen a pretty day in MONTHS with all of the rain, snow, freezing temps, ect, so it was such a treat to have such a nice day!

We headed to the driving range first to get warmed up...

Well, some more than others.

I MAY have hit 1 out of 10 swings, and after about 300 swings one actually made it to the first flag! I was so excited that I was only semi-terrible! My dad used to take me golfing all the time when I was little (mainly to drive the golf cart), so I know how to hold it, I know the stance, I know what it is SUPPOSED to look like, but daggomit I sure as heck don't know how to make contact with it...

We should have worked on that a little harder, dad.

And I know you're probably thinking, "What in the worrrrld is she wearing?!!"

Yeah, about that...

First of all, all I packed for the mountains were my boots...so there was strike one. And remember that picture from yesterday where I realized my sweater was BLUE and not black?! Well, I got embarrassed...and hot...and took it off.

Let's just say I didn't last too long in front of that crowd...I offered to do what I know how to do best on a golf course...

I went up to get the golf cart.

Chandler and his girlfriend met us up there, and since I would have taken a year and a half to finish one hole, I decided it was best just to watch...

And I sure didn't mind the view! This may be one of my favorite pictures ever...

Himmies was a little bit blinded so he asked for his shades...

They played great!

And by the end of the day the cold was back and I was ready to get by a fire. It was such a fun little outing though...maybe I'll start working on getting better so that I can go play myself...

But Probably not.


  1. I love your blog! I just found it through Erins and it is such an enjoyable read! I love Highlands as well!
    kendall boggs

  2. AHHH!! This comment just made my day. I LOVE dear Kendall!! You'll love her blog too. And I love little himmies in those glasses! You are so freaking cute, beautiful, hilarious, the list goes on Megan! Love you!

  3. Oh my gosh her comment just made MY day!!!! Wow...and yours is just way too sweet!! When can we be neighbors?! We need to live beside each other, lady! And Kendall, if you read this...I'm obsessed with your paintings!! I've just found your blog and LOVE it!! I'm such a fan! Thank you both for such amazing comments...completely made my day! Xoxo!!

  4. how fun! :) I am loving this weather! & still so in love w/ precious teddy! :)

  5. I loved the pictures of you, Blake and Tedddy at the golf course! I think Greenville and Highlands especially have the most beauitful golf courses in the whole country. Honey, don't give up on swinging that golf club. I use to play a little myself, but of course I just loved the scenery and going to lunch at the club. What a fun afternoon as a couple.

  6. Oh! I forgot to tell you that several of my frieds from Houston read your blog, too! It is very special to me, since you do not live here. I want them to know my children. love you!

  7. Your sweet pup in the sunglasses is the cutest thing ever! and i know the feeling about making contact with the golf ball...so frustrating!!!