"Love talked about can be easily pushed aside, but love demonstrated is irresistable"-W Stanley Mooneyham

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Diva turns 56 36!!

Happppppy Birthday to the Diva!!!! (also known as my Mom)

My mom is so precious, hysterical, and has taught my sister and I so many important life lessons like how to stop those wrinkles, talk your way out of getting in trouble and how the rules never apply to you! how to love people, how to work hard and how to have fun in life!

You're the best, Mom and I hope you have the most amazing day, and an even better YEAR!!

Go have fun, you little 36 year old!! Don't get into too much trouble now! ;)



  1. Now, now, don't discredit the wrinkle lesson! Look at your mom, she is rocking a wrinkle free face at 36! Happy birthday Janet! And, I saw your house sold- I'm sure you are relieved and its bittersweet. xoxo E

  2. First I have to tell Elizabeth that she is way too kind. You are the beautiful mother of three precious children. This mother here definitely has many wrinkles. I just asked my hair dresser the other day where to get "BOTOX" Oh Yes!

    Well.....I am not sure how to take this write-up. I know I got pretty good at talking myself out of traffic tickets, but isn't that a woman who is WISE with her money. Eww....(AND THE RULES DON'T APPLY???)....hmmm....I think most rules are necessary, BUT..in sells and in life you need to get the job done and you have to work with the rules, but you sometimes have to work around the rules to get the "BETTER GOOD". If you are passionate about something you "sell" or know is best for a greater good. You sometimes have to find a window, if a door is closed. It does not mean breaking the Ten Commandments!! I rest my case. I adore YOU, my Megan. Loved the Post!!