"Love talked about can be easily pushed aside, but love demonstrated is irresistable"-W Stanley Mooneyham

Monday, August 30, 2010

I have the best sister EVER!!!

Really, I do...not because I came home yesterday to a mailbox stuffed with this, but because she is the most thoughtful, loving, wise, gracious most precious person in the entire world and I love her with my whole heart!

Last week we had a conversation that went like this...

Kelly: Oh my gosh, Megan I just left Diane von Furstenberg (the store) and found this scarf that I am dying over!


Kelly: YESSS!!!! That's it!!! (Let me just say that this sort of thing happens on a regular basis with us) Megan, I have to have it!

Me: No, Iiiiiii have to have it! Scratch that, we BOTH have to have it!!

Well, needless to say we were both pretty much kidding because it is way too pricey for either one of us to have...at least that's what I thought until I ripped open that package to find this...

amen, Diane...and I was loving life right about now...

I wanted to give you a play by play Pioneer Woman style...

Love this lady...

And seeing this tag reminds me of these days...

Look how beautiful!! I will wear it EVERY day of the Fall/Winter/Spring/maybe even Summer!!

And that's not all...

She loaded me up with my favorite magazines with our favorite girls on the cover (I know, I know, they are trashy, but I'm sorry...I love that show)

And here was the best part...

My Birdie colored me a picture!

That went directly on my fridge...

Just imagine my excitement to receive this "Care Package"...geez louise! I couldn't have done better if I were buying myself!

And since I was feeling the love, I wanted to pass that love on...

So I gave Teddy some chips.

He asked that I thank his Aunt Kelly for sharing the love with his Mudder!!

Mmm mmm so good (don't worry you animal rights people...I only gave him one! Just imagine I was eating them and one fell on the floor...)

As soon as I was done rejoicing and running through my house dancing with Teddy and Tucker over my new beautiful scarf, I put it on with my gym clothes and drove myself to the grocery store!

I'm sure I got a couple of odd looks, but I didn't care...I was too ecstatic to notice!

Thank you Thank you, Kel!!! You are the sweetest sister in the whole world!!!!


  1. omg, i LOVE the scarf! and your blog is TOO CUTE! hope you're doing well. :)

  2. My heart is so filled with joy right now and all I did was read your post!!! Oh my gosh what a precious sister! That looks exactly like you and I am so excited for you!!

  3. what a fun post!! yes, sister's are the best and so are fun surpises!! and the scarf is yummy!