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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dreaming of DVF Days

I caught up with my old boss at Diane von Furstenberg yesterday because she is going to be in Miami for DVF's Fall Trunk Show, and I told her that my sister will be coming to the event. She was so incredibly sweet and generous, and it made me miss my job with great nostalgia.

I literally couldn't sleep a wink last night. I woke Blake up, told him I wanted us to move to New York and I wasn't taking "No" for an answer...

He laughed and rolled over...

Instead of sweetly dreaming in my sleep, I was dreaming and making myself unable to sleep. There are some days that I think to myself, "why didn't I just try to get a job there and stay up there?! Every day of my job was so exciting! I miss NY-take me back!" And then I remember my little outdoorsy husband who gets claustrophobic in downtown Greenville, much less New York City and I have to remember that I wouldn't trade being married to him for anything in the world, no not even Ms. von Furstenberg...if she would even have me.

So instead, I'll dedicate this shrine blog post to one of my favorite ladies...Diane von Furstenberg

During my time that I interned at her headquarters in New York, my great friend from Alabama, Erin Haase, and I made friends with Diane's assistant, and she let us do all kinds of fun stuff. We worked very hard almost every day of our internship...to the point I would go straight to bed after dinner because of exhaustion, but it was Christmas time so towards the end she would call us up and say "Girls! I need wrappers...who wants to come wrap Diane's Christmas presents?!" Ummm...ME!! These aren't stocking stuffers, people...these are gifts to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Anderson Cooper, Barbara Walters, Martha Stewart, Marc Jacobs and 94 of her other closest friends. I remember going through the names and it was like opening up a treasure box. I kept thinking...I can't believe I'm addressing this letter to Nicole Kidman who is going to open up the box I packed and pull out the sunglasses I wrapped! Fun stuff for a girl born in Greenville, SC...
So here is where I wrapped Diane's presents in her GORGEOUS office on the 5th floor of her building...

And here is the building I worked in...

And here was the view I looked out of when I got to listen to Diane talk to the production group about what the Fall 2009 Collection would look like. Yeah...internships are the best...I'd scrub floors to be there now.

The second floor (below) where we spent a lot of our time

And here is what Kel (my sister) will actually be seeing tomorrow at noon as I day dream about DVF while people scream at me about why their claim wasn't paid...ahhh yes...the good days are upon me.

Have fun Kel, and take notes! :) Hope to see you soon, Diane...


  1. Megan,
    I am SO jealous you even had the expeirence! That is SOOO amazing!!
    I think to myself sometimes, "I should have just moved to NYC or a big city and tried to do something really amazing" LOL
    BUT, like you said ... the hubby :)
    I always told myself, if anything ever did happen to Jon & I (This was way before engagement) I was definitely packing up & moving far off to NYC or somewhere similiar :)
    BUT, he ended up being the ONE! & Thats just the way it was supposed to be :) SO no regrets! =)
    BUT wow!! You were SO lucky to have this!!! I can definitely imagine missing something that awesome :)

  2. while i never worked DVF, how yummy, but could have gone abroad or wherever-- i wouldn't trade anything for my sweet husband who thinks suburbia in charlotte is too much :( ha! girl, just had to give a shout out of empathy b/c i find myself craving the seemingly greener grass too... oh well! i'm sure God has us in a new element for some reason :)