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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Weekend Getaway Part One

My heart is always so happy when Blake says, "Pack it up, we're going to the lake!" I cannot tell you the kind of therapy you get from the drive up there alone.

It's better than anything you can get in an office paying someone $100 to listen to your problems. :) (Although I am pro-counseling when needed, don't worry)

I previously told you Blake had to go out of town so my precious (I feel like a should say sister at this point because that is what she is to me, but for those of you who don't know her, Brent's girlfriend and my best friend) Nikki came to stay with me in Columbia. We had so much fun together! She's one of those people you could talk to for 24 hours straight and still have things to talk about, plus she is HILARIOUS!! Love her...

Anywho, we packed up the car, threw my child in and hit the road running

I love when you start seeing signs that you're in the country...

and especially when you go through this town...you know you're on your way up to the mountains!

That's "Pumpkintown" for all of you non-South Carolinians out there.

And here...



We all got very excited to be getting closer and closer to the house.

We contemplated picking up a few strangers who had lost their "Mudder," but...

I have a no-rats policy. WHERE'S YOUR MUDDER?!

And thissssss my friends is when we've made it...

When you find the quaint little grocery store where cereal peaks out at around $7.50 because there is literally NO OTHER STORES in sight...I LOVE it!

So We finally pulled in, dragged our bags up the stairs, and found our men and father-in-law doing something along the lines of this...

Go Braves!

Some things never change, but we were very happy to see them!!

All day Saturday Nikki, My mother-in-law and I made the trip to Highlands, NC (This will be Part Two of this post...stay tuned! It's good! :) ) and the boys stayed home to fish their weekends away in the boat.

Since I didn't get any pictures of them, you'll have to take this one...even though they weren't in a canoe...(but it's my favorite piece in their lake house so I'm trying to find a way to tie it in to my post!)

The rest of the weekend we did lots of sleeping...

Lots of kissing...

And lots of crying when it was time to pack our stuff up and leave...

Ok the boys didn't cry...and neither did we because we will be back NEXT WEEKEND!!

So load em' up kids...your going to spend a lot of time in the car together.


  1. I LOVE it!!!! How fun! I am dying to see the lake house in person!

  2. I love it toooo! The lake house is BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely ADORE highlands! Loving the kids! & You are just precious!

  3. haha. im dying. what is blake doing to tucker in one of those last pictures..

    the lake house looks so wonderful. i hope we have one (in the family) one day! :) probably my favorite place ever to be!