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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thank you, VanJean...

Due to my camera chord being temporarily out of service, I figured I would take this little hiatus to tell you about my finds this past week.

On my daily blog reads, I came across this website on Thursday, and I sure am glad I did! (or maybe I shouldn't be so glad I did?? Ok, my husband was not so glad I did :) )

The lady who writes this blog gives a daily update of sales, restaurant specials and activities going on throughout the community. Great idea, no? Maybe you should start one for your city!

Anywho, back to my story...I was reading her blog, and came across this post where at the end she said, "Speaking of VanJean and sales, we hear the sidewalk sale goods are trickling onto the sales floor. Discounts begin on Thursday for Saturday's sidewalk sale and art stroll. And don't forget tax-free weekend, which makes the deals a little sweeter!"

Sidewalk sale?!!...Count me In!!

I literally did a DEAD SPRINT across the street (convenient!) to VanJean for my 15 minute (YES, 15!) minute break where I literally tried clothes on so fast my head was spinning. I RAN back to work (and was 3 minutes late-shh, don't tell). You try going into a 90% off sale and try only spending 15 minutes there...I felt like I was a kid in one of those flying cash booths where they get a minute to grab as many dollar bills as possible...except I was spending my bills instead of saving them.

Needless to say, 15 minutes was not enough. I counted down the minutes until 5:00 pm and then peeled into their parking lot. Ok...not really, but at that point I could have...

I tried finding the things I got online, but could only find two...the shoes!

So for these $675 shoes...

I paid $70
And for these $650 boots...

I paid $75 for.

Now...if you're like my husband you may be thinking I still spent too much money, and perhaps you're right, but before I bought them I thought of all the ways I could wear everything I bought. It made me sleep better that night so I hope I'm right about them :)
At least my winter wardrobe will thank me...hopefully...


  1. hahaha! Oh Meg, this is why I love you! :)

  2. Love it! GOSH, you need to tell us about these kind of sales-----before hand!!!