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Friday, August 6, 2010

Out of (picture) Order

Hello my loves! I just wanted to let you know that I haven't given up on my blog, but I'm about to give up on my Teddy (kidding!!). First he ate through a bag of advil where we proceeded to spend 3 days with him in the hospital two weekends ago where I was literally DISTRAUGHT the entire time! I went to bed crying, I woke up crying...it was so sad, but thankfully he has made a FULL RECOVERY!

Except that...

He hasn't learned his lesson...because he completely chewed through my camera chord that I use to upload my pictures! Blake's graduation is tomorrow so I will find some way to get a new chord at some point this weekend and finally catch up!!

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  1. Hahaha I can relate on some level. Thankfully Nani hasn't gotten ahold of anything that has hurt her yet, but she has scared me several times. She ate through a perfume sample and her mouth reeked of vanilla perfume for a couple of weeks. She has also gotten ahold of a whole bottle of Zyrtec (only ate 1 or two though, thankfully) Zantac, and some other medicine. We have called the vet 3 different times since we moved up here in January to make sure we didn't need to bring her in.

    I'm glad Teddy is ok and hopefully he will learn his lesson soon!