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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A few of my favorite things beauty edition

Thanks to my mother, I have a great appetite for good beauty products, skin care being of utmost importance because I refuse to ever get any kind of injections, shots, nips, tucks, surgery, ect of any kind so I'm hoping these anti-wrinkle creams at age 24 actually work. The other day I was on the phone with her and she said "Megan, I almost just died...I'm in a REAL Chanel store and guess what I just found and I'm dying to get!" My obvious reaction was "SHUT UP! Did Bill buy you a Chanel handbag as your wedding gift?!!" as to which she answered "Heavens no, I don't care about a handbag, they had a $400 face cream I almost died over!" Typical, I thought. She's dying over face creams and I'm dreaming of black leather Chanel satchels. However, in her defense we all know she'll just run to Ebay and buy the samples...

On that note, one of my favorite things in the world to do is to go to someone else's house and use all of their beauty products. So to entice you to come to my house and stay with us, I'll give you a preview of what's waiting for you in my bathroom...

Moroccan Oil. Our hairdresser, Bryan at Wilsons on Washington introduced my mom to this. You put about a dime amount in your hair when it's wet and blow dry (great for dry hair like ours!) I also put it on like lotion-it smells AMAZING-you just can't resist. (Around $35)

Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths Shampoo and Conditioner. My brother in law's girlfriend, and one of my best friends, Nikki introduced me to this. Her hair was seriously growing like a weed and always smells amazing! After our wedding I got impulsive and chopped off my hair, and then realized I am not a fan of my hair being short so I got on the mission to grow it as fast as possible, and this works like a charm! (around $4.69)

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy "Sleep" bubble bath.
Just consider this Heaven in a bottle. My sister introduced me to this, and I've been in love ever since. Everyone in my family knows this is a go-to gift for me. When my grandfather passed away last year, my then-fiance, Blake got me a bath robe and a bottle of this so I could sleep...it was the sweetest gift I've ever been given, and it made me love this stuff even more.

Philosophy's Amazing Grace shower gel. Ok so this one is not actually in my bathroom at the monent, but it doesn't mean I don't want it any less than the others. (around $22)

Obagi Skincare. Ok here is the 5, yes FIVE step system I go through every night and morning. I know it's a little outrageous, but I actually kind of enjoy it at this point. (too expensive-it was my big Christmas gift!)

Aveeno Stress Reliever Lotion. Literally THE BEST lotion I've come across. It is the only one that keeps me moisturized, and it smells amazing! (around $8.50)

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner. I wear mine in Graphite Shimmer. It's the one step in make-up that makes me come to life. I literally have no eyes without eyeliner, and this stays on all day! (around $22)

Nars "Laguna Beach" Bronzing Powder. Ok last, but certainly not least this is hands down the BEST bronzer, and it works on EVERYONE (even pale little ME!) I LOVE it! (around $35)



  1. you are precious! so glad you started a blog. im a terrible blogger, but i will try to do better :) can't wait to keep reading more and more.

  2. Love it! Beauty and brains...you're a dangerous combination...I'm so excited that I own and use one of your favorite beauty things! The Bobbie Brown Gel Eyeliner (mine is mahogany ink) makes me instantly feel dressed up! Susan

  3. HAHA! I love this. Me & Janet are definitely kindred spirits. I am perfectly happy in Old Navy jeans as long as my hands are soft in the way only Aveda can offer hand relief & my eyelashes are Diorshow luscious. So glad you're blogging, so at least if I am TERRIBLE about calling at least I can be someone up to date on your life. Love and miss you!

  4. peeking into others beauty cabinets has been my favorite thing ever since i could remember, when I was a little girl, i could spend hours sitting in front of my grandmothers double door cabinets filled with all her beauty " secrets," I think that is something that I will always love. It is neat to see yours!

  5. Your comments just made my day!! Thanks, girls! Love you all!

  6. ok so i know you don't know me that well... but i stumbled upon your blog through brittney's blog. i had to let you know that bryan is also my hairdresser (and my moms... and my two sisters)... and he's the one who introduced me to moroccan oil, too! i love that stuff... and bobbi brown gel eyeliner (in sepia ink)... and aveeno lotion... ok i'll stop now. you have great taste!

  7. Oh that is so funny!! He is my mom's, mine and my sister's too! Isn't he great?! Thanks for the sweet comment! Hope you are doing great!