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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Baby Be Mine

My newest obsession...baby Bauer!! I'm sitting here holding (and kissing!) him as I type. I'm desperately trying to resist the urge to squeeze the living life out of him. I think I may ask Blake if I can bring this one home with me for good!

Here is our first picture together as soon as we met!

We still can't tell who he looks like, or if he has red hair, but he's 100% perfection, and the sweetest baby I've ever seen (I've only heard him cry once!)

Birdie loves holding her new baby and is such a sweet big sister!

We're excited for a girls week full of babies and fun...watch out, we may get a little crazy around here!

On the agenda for today...cooking and baking-Rice Krispy Treats here we come!


  1. I'm glad you commented so I could find your blog! Cute-cute! Beautiful kids!

  2. Oh goodness he is just too precious! Your sister looks amazing... you'd never think she just gave birth a few days ago! For the record, I think it does look like little Bauer might have some red in his hair... at least for now! :)

    I've been seeing a Rice Krispy Treat commercial a lot lately and I have been dying to get back up on my feet so I can make some! Yum! Enjoy your time with your sister! I know how much I miss mine, so I know how precious your time together is!

  3. omg. i am dying! that last picture is to die for! little birdie has a baby bird! :) rice krispie treats sound divine right about now. i would give anything to snap my fingers and be there with yall! new born baby, fun toddler, and rice krispie treats, what could be better?!! love you!

  4. Oh-My-Gosh!!!!! SO beautiful!! Congrats to your {GORGEOUS} sister and her family! That's so exciting!

    I hope his hair is red like his Auntie Megan! :)