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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


FREAKING OUT!!! That is what I was doing last night when my husband went MISSING!!...

Yes, this precious thing

So here is what happened...he gave me a call at 6:35 and said he was leaving work and on his way home. OF COURSE the last thing I said to him was, "Blake, this dog (clarification HIS black, long-haired, shedding dog, NOT my precious hypo-allergenic, non-shedding, piece of joy, Teddy) HAS to get out of this house...we sweep pretty much every single day and there is STILL dog hair EVERYWHERE...SIIIIIICK! (This is one thing I vowed to NEVER have in my house...I think it is absolutely repulsive to go in someone's house and spot dog hair, so there is NO WAY I'm having it in mine!) His precious response was "Megan, I'll take care of it, we'll keep him out of the house and he can stay in the back." I said a pouty "ok" and a half "I love you" and hung up the phone...

Then he didn't call for the next hour.

Let me just preface this by saying I work for an insurance company, and hear HORROR stories every single day, and as soon as I looked down at the clock and realized 35 minutes had passed, I had called him with no answer for a straight 30 minutes while all of those horror stories raced through my head. So what did I do? I called his mom, his dad, his best friend and his twin brother. What did his brother say? "Oh he probably just went to the gym"...cool as a cucumber. While I'm thinking..."BRENT, DO YOU HEAR ME?!!! HE'S BEEN GONE NOW FOR 45 MINS...THIS IS BOTH OF OUR OTHER HALVES!!! THROW ME A SYMPATHY BONE PLEASE!!!!!" But I calmly replied with a "yeah, maybe, ok, see ya Friday." At which point I googled Strom Gym on my phone as fast as possible. And here's how THAT conversation went...

"Strom Gym"-lady working the counter

"ummmmmm hi....(wondering how to put this) Can you page someone for me? His name is Blake Ayers?"-Me

"ugh well maam we don't normally page people here (probably thinking who the heck is this? an obsessive girlfriend perhaps??) is it an emergency?"-lady

"Yes it's an emergency! (tears streaming down my cheek and obvious cracking in my voice) It's a FAMILY emergency, this is his wife! (sounded very mature at the time)"-Me

"oh! (Realizing I'm not the crazy girlfriend) well, hold on one sec!!...ok we'll page him and have him call you"

30 seconds later...guess who calls..."Meeeeeaaaaagan...I'm ok, I promise I'm ok"

"I HATE YOU I'M SO MAD AT YOU I LOVE YOU WHERE ARE YOU WHEN WILL YOU BE HOME?!!! Sadness quickly turned into anger which quickly turned into full on relief!

So where was he you ask?? No not the gym, he was here...

And what was he buying?

And what was that for??

Prizes for Bingo at the Assisted Living he works at...

Yeah....typical. So after that my anger/sadness/throw-up feeling vanished and we had a fun night of watching American Idol :)

Stay tuned Teddy is getting groomed today at a VERY classy place...you won't want to miss this gem.


  1. Oh my gosh! haha! You're too funny. This "missing husband" thing seems to happen to me on a daily basis as well. My favorite one so far was "Hunnie?! Where have you been?" His response: "I told you I would be late today because we were jumping out of a plane at work today."

    Silly boys.

    Oh! Do y'all have a furminator for the lab? They're W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!!! I highly recommend it!

    Who do you want to win Idol?! I miss you! :(

  2. awwww! sweet blake! megan, what is a furminator?? i want it!

  3. i love your posts megan! you are so funny! i can just see the frantic phone call playing out in my head!

  4. hahahaha!!! sweetest megan, i am laughing at this story only because I am EXACTLY the same way... everytime alex takes about 5 more minutes to come home than I estimated my heart rate speeds up and I start to think of every possible god-awful thing that could've happened between our house and whereever he is. I've resorted to saying "Be Safe because I could never live without you" every time he leaves (even walking the garbage to the street, haha)!!! glad your blake is home safe and sound :)
    ps... furminators are GREAT!!! we've got one for rupert and it's so awesome... but that brand is really expensive, we've got another version from wal mart that works absolutely just as well for half the price!

  5. oh my gosh megan i just died laughing!!! I did the same thing yesterday!!!!! You are toooo funny. I would hate for you to ever step foot into my house because we have black dog hair EVERYWHERE. You would have a come apart. I just don't know what to do anymore, it's totally out of control!!!!! :)I know how you feel!

  6. hahaha I love all the comments!! Y'all are so precious!! And don't worry...I won't judge you now that I have my own dogs because I know it's next to impossible to NOT have dog hair!! haha! I'm so glad I'm not the only person frantically worried about my husband! We need a support group, sisters!! :) Oh and I do have that furminator, Meg-it is AWESOME!! We just need to start using it more! I love and miss all of you girls!!