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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'd like another 4th of July, please

Isn't it so sad when you get back from a vacation?! I felt like the whole time I was hanging on to the days thinking "okay, it's Saturday which means I still have Saturday, Sunday and Monday"...and so on.

Well to recap our weekend, I'll start by saying every trip is as good as the people that go on it, and in our case that made it AMAZING! We ate homemade pizzas, pancakes and bacon every morning for breakfast, desserts all throughout the day and chips, crackers, bread and whatever else was sitting out at all times in between hiding under the umbrella baking in the sun, tubing, wake-boarding and letting our dogs children enjoy the water and the view...I guess I should say every trip is as good as the people that go on it AND the food that you bring! I'm a firm believer in that.

So when Blake's family told us they were buying a lake house in January thoughts of endless lake days with our future babies and good memories that last a lifetime danced through my head...and I'm happy to say this is where those memories will be made...

This marked our first official trip since they renovated the house inside, and I can tell you that it is the most cozy, beautiful and charming house inside! Blake's parents have a gift of making things beautiful, and this house is no exception. I absolutely cannot wait to go back a hundred times!

We were so excited to be able to spend time with these people for the weekend also...they make everything fun...and FUNNY ( I think I laughed at everything that came out of Nikki's mouth this weekend!)

(Brent, his girlfriend Nikki and their SON (as they call him), Brewsky)

(Kyle, who is Blake and Brent's best friend from growing up, his girlfriend Lindsey who we LOVE!!! and the child Kyle wishes he could call his own, but I wouldn't allow because he's mine, Teddy!)

As promised I did get a spray tan so I wouldn't hurt your eyes when you saw me in pictures, however, a spray tan cannot deceive me...can you guess which one I used (and used the entire bottle within the first day?!!) Skin safety first, people!!!! :)

Sharon (Blake's mom who I am so Blessed to call my (most amazing, wonderful, perfect) mother-in-law pulled out an old recipe she had for homemade pizzas, and let me just tell you that normally I HATE homemade pizzas (bad sauce, tasteless crust, WHY DIDN'T WE JUST ORDER PIZZA HUT?!!...you get my drift), but these were OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD!! Seriously! Every person there gobbled them up and went back for more. I'll get the recipe from her and post it sometime...AMAZING!

Besides the food...here is where we spent our time...

Taking boat rides all throughout the day

Teaching my child how to swim at an early age so he'll never drown

Enjoying THIS view...oh man, it makes my heart palpitate with love...

And watching my precious husband and the other boys wakeboard...(I'm just glad this is not one of those things he pushed, insisted gently asked me to do)

So until next time, thank you for the long weekend, America...you're the greatest!

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  1. I've been waiting on you to post your blog! So glad you did!
    1. What lake is the house located on?
    2. Wake boarding=fun!
    3. Please fill me in on the pizza recipe!!! :)
    4. Love your pictures! Seems like ya'll had a blast :( Unfortunately I didn't take my camera along :(
    5. I admire your skin safety!!! Wish I was more of a skin first person!