"Love talked about can be easily pushed aside, but love demonstrated is irresistable"-W Stanley Mooneyham

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brent and Nikki's Engagement Weekend!

Oh man...did I wait a loooong time for this weekend to come!! Brent made the mistake of telling me A WHOLE MONTH before it was going to happen, and I seriously thought I was going to lose it and burst the big secret out every single day of the month of June!

The entire month I "tested" Nikki to see if she had any idea what was up ahead.

For instance...

The day Brent told me he was having her ring made we had dinner with the two of them that night. While the boys were outside grilling I non-chalontly asked her if they had talked about marriage recently or had any sort of plans. Her exact words were, "Oh heavens no...we're not getting married for the next 5 years!"

I laughed so hard inside thinking oh man are you about to be surprised!!

So here is how it all happened...

We had about a million different lies going on. It was 4th of July weekend, and we were all originally supposed to head up to the lake, but then at the last minute we all pretended we were either tied up with work, waiting on someone or going to the grocery store and had to cook, and that we would either come late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Lie #1,289...we were all meeting up at the Keowee Local Market and would all drive up together.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of everyone, but here was Blake, Derek, Kayla and Nikki's mom...

The entire way up Sharon and I were freaking out! Nikki called the two of us about 10 times seeing where we were, telling me she felt so bad I had to work so late (haha! SO sweet!!) and asking when we would be there.

My favorite part, and the time I almost lost it was when I said, "Nikki hold on...TEDDY GET BACK HERE!!!"...I acted like I was taking Teddy out to go to the bathroom at our house when really I was about 2 mins away from seeing her. I literally had to pull the phone away so she wouldn't hear me laugh.

Sharon finally decided she couldn't lie one more time and started refusing to answer her phone calls. Here was one of those times...

We finally got word from Brent (who was out on the lake with Nikki) that we could go in the house (IN THE DARK!) and set up everything.

All of us ran around so excited and tried to set up everything quickly. We planned to have a little party when they got back in...

FINALLY we were all ready to take our positions. This is such a horrible picture (seeing as I had just gotten a spray tan and I look like a CARROT), but it makes me laugh everytime because we were hiding in the bushes, and we were all yelling at each other to be quiet. None of us could contain our excitement!!

Finally we got the signal to turn on the spotlight and all you could hear was...


We took that as a yes! :)

and then all you could hear was, "GET ME TO LAND!!"

And here came the beautiful blushing bride-to be...

and the moment that made me cry...seeing her and her mom hug as soon as she got off the boat! So sweet and so happy!!!

and I think it is obvious how happy and relieved Brent was that she said "YES!" :)

and then we all celebrated and had the best night together!

I was dying to see how it looked from the water so we all took a little boat ride to see what Nikki saw-Brent did an AMAZING job with the sign!

We are so happy to report that SON will finally have a real MUDDER!

I'm pretty sure Nikki didn't sleep a wink that night, but we had so much fun the next day talking about everything and apologizing for every little lie I had told for a month straight...there were a lot to tell!

It was a VERY happy morning!

I love how close Brent and Blake are, and I can't tell you how THRILLED I am that Brent is giving me such a perfect, precious and amazing sister!! I could not have hand-picked a more perfect person for him or for me! :) I cannot wait for all the fun times to come, and to share them with two of the most special people!!

It was one of the most fun and memorable weekends we've ever had, and I cannot WAIT until September 1st, 2012!!!!!

No really, I can't wait.

Nikki, are you sure you don't want to move that date up?!!?!



  1. Move the date up! :) ha!! Too cute! I have to say it again, I am so glad your back!! You are SUPER lucky to have such awesome in laws and to be gaining a sister in law that you LOVE so much!!! yay!!!

  2. What a precious way to propose! I know ya'll were excited to be a part of it - I don't even know them and I'm grinning :)